Kindle lights a fire this Holiday Season

The Amazon Kindle Fire, the much awaited ebook reader from Amazon has really taken off like wildfire this holiday season. This is a slim device with a Multi Touch display, a powerful processor and a high resolution screen all at an amazing price of 199$. It is the gateway to a world of books, magazines, videos and music at a price that makes it much more accessible to a wider audience.

The Future of Employment

The world is getting smaller with the rise of information and communication technology and this has affected the job market in a big way. The flow of knowledge and skills the opening of markets globally has meant that the future of employment and employable skills has altered drastically. There are whole industry’s today that did not exist just a decade ago. Technology has advanced to form a whole new world of social networking, video telephony and mobile offices.

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Outsourcing is here to stay!

It seems like everyone has been talking about outsourcing for the past decade. People have very strong opinions about how it is affecting our economy and why it is either a good or a bad thing for the United States. The fact of the matter is that outsourcing work to a firm that specializes in any single sort of task has many advantages.

When we talk about outsourcing it does not always have to mean moving work to a different country, any job that is not a firms’ main area of expertise may be outsourced for a multitude of reasons, chief among them being the saving of money.

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A Smart Eater

No matter who you are, you have to eat something to give you energy.  Food provides sustenance and fuel for the day.  It should be appreciated and kind to our taste buds; without it we wouldn’t be able to carry out the task at hand.  There is and abundance of fast food chains, super markets and restaurants in America catering to customers who have a preference to what is being offered.  As children we grew up forming our likingand disliking to certain foods and as a result we now have culinary and dining bias.  Nonetheless it is exciting to know that people yearning for a change in their diet always have the opportunity to expand their horizons concerning what they eat.  New recipes and delicacies are always being introduced to the public making it evident that the evolution of food will never be over.

A Legal Briefing

The constitution was created to establish order and create a society that followed specific, mandatory guidelines. We are bound to adhere to our forefathers and the government’s legal system, which was enacted to regulate the activities of its citizens. Since crime is always going to exist and there is always going to be transgressors, we need laws that enforce orderly conduct within our respective environments. A legal system is required to hold people responsible for their actions. Without it there would be chaos and things would get out of control for governing bodies. Every government in the world has developed a particular set of laws that preside over their people that keep the citizens in check and from acting out. Today there are both public and private forms of ordinance that blankets every single type of person. While the state created public law to govern over their citizens and companies, private law (common law) oversees the relationship and exchanges that citizens and companies have between one another.

What’s in store for Greece: Hoping for a better future

Greece has been struck the worst blow in the past recession and its worries are yet to subside while eurozone struggles to keep itself together. It has been undoubtedly the worse case scenario anyone could have imaged with astronomical 18.4% unemployed and most of them below the age of 30. The deficit that needs to be managed is around 9.5% and the shrinking GDP rate of 5.55 does not offer any promise. In a state that is as gloomy as this, the responsibilities that the new interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has sworn to shoulder are as huge as the public debt to GDP ratio which will soon hit 200%. The erstwhile Greece which had a vision will have to realign itself with a new one and soon with or without international help if it wished to survive the current crisis.

The LinkedIn Advantage: Optimize To Capitalize!

In an age that is intensely inter-connected, albeit one dimensionally, through a variety of social networks with a unique USP each, the realization that online presence can be source of corporate image building is one that has been internalized by almost all corporate houses and businesses in the market. Those who fail to see a merit in this form of networking are clearly losing out on a larger market that is flourishing with young people who currently wield the purchasing power and the power to like and dislike things. This interconnectedness not just helps companies communicate with their clients or customers but also helps them develop a virtual image that can work wonders for its public relations.

Money Consciousness

Today everyone has a budget, which is a monetary plan that someone sets up to in order to organize their expenses and spending. The concept of finding discounts has grown into a monster recently and good deal is what all shoppers are on the look out for. Consumer’s eyes light up when they see a valuable coupon or a “sale” sign at stores. Vendors implement discounting in order to promote short-term sales and to get rid of their products that are out of date. The decrease in pricing of a good or service makes it easier for someone to spend in accordance with his or her budget. In other words, discounting and coupons help those that are in financial constraints avoid unfortunate situations where they don’t have the opportunity to buy what they need.

Holiday Significance

Holidays remain a stronghold for modern society providing warmth and a reckoning to be gracious to our faith, culture and beliefs. Love revolves around these days of celebration signifying that we should all stand together united. It’s hard to dictate today what should take precedent over the other, but holidays are always a time for someone to find an inner-glow that shines in spite of stress (family turmoil, financial troubles etc.).


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