Firefox 11 to Include Long Awaited Support for Syncing Add-ons

Firefox- one of the leading browsers in the market today has had Firefox Sync as a part of it for some time now, however it has not seen any important changes in Firefox 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. In what comes as great news is that it is about to change.

First up, there are slew of changes lined up for the Firefox Sync experience that are part of Firefox 10. Developers are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that it is less intrusive and easy to understand.

The New Years Is a Time for Change and Festivities

We all need reasons to celebrate our triumphs and for our loved ones to commiserate with us over our sorrows and the New Years is no better time then to do just that.  This is an occasion where we follow our heart and free our body, mind and soul from the stresses of the world and find peace in the fact that we have friends to toast with, sharing epic moments of joy and love.  New Years Eve merriments are exciting because we know that the year is done and that after we have a good timeafter ending of a long year,we wake in the morning to a dawn with new possibilities.

Drew Brees Makes History Passing Dan Marion’s Record

Drew Brees recently surpassed Dan Marino’s NFL record for yards passing in a season, which had previously held up strong for 27 years.  He broke it on a Monday Night Football game in which his New Orleans Saints defeated the Atlanta Falcons 45-16.  Marino praised the quarterback in a tweet complimenting, “Great job by such a special player.”  It is admirable that after the game, Drew Brees remained humble and only pressed the issue that football is a team game and the record could never have been broken if it wasn’t for his teammates.  He is quoted saying, “This record isn’t about one person.  There might be just one name that goes in ledger under the record, but it’s really about the team.  I want everyone to feel a huge part of this, the record would not have been possible with out them.”

Let’s Have Some Fun

When people take a break from their busy schedules, how they are entertained is a topic to be discussed.  Over the past generation, many forms of entertainment have morphed into giant industries that are sought by the masses.  Having fun is definitely not taken lightly anymore.   Even though the economy is hurting, people are nonetheless taking advantage of entertainment’s products and services in order to receive priceless moments of levity.  The industry will always thrive due to the fact that there is always going to be boredom in our lives so we need entertainment to help us get out of our ruts.

The Summer Olympics puts London on Center Stage

The heavily anticipated Summer Olympics Games 2012 are approaching and are going to be held in London starting on July 27th running up to August 12th.  This is an auspicious time where more than 200 countries are represented by their best athletes for the whole world to see and cheer for.  The International Olympic Committee, founded in 1894, makes the important decision where the games will be held as well as raises funding, and decides what sports will be on display.  What has evolved is a spectacular showcase that consists of elaborate opening and closing ceremonies, and the famous carrying of the Olympic flag and torch.

Newt Gingrich Fighting Back Against Negative T.V Ads

The Republican primaries are heating up and it is no surprise now that the gloves are coming off between two of the presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  Gingrich spoke fervently looking straight into a camera and challenged Romney, who he called “timid” about job creation, to a debate and allow voters to get a chance to see who has what it takes to be America’s next president.  Gingrich probably made this decision to call out Romney due to his lack of funding and the fact that he can’t fight back against Romney’s attack ads, which have led to a drop in Newt’s polls in the Iowa Caucus.

Controversies and their Originators: The Controversial 2011

If 2011 can be called a year of something, then it can either snugly fit in a category defined by tablets and I-pads or controversies. It has been an eventful year, be it in politics, filmdom or social circuits. There has been something happening since the year began and here’s a dope on who did what and how controversial the event was. One thing however, that essentially remains common is that there was an equal amount of scorn, amazement and news coverage each of these received from the media and amounted to a tremendous general interest that each of these personalities that they could make it to this list:

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The Imperatives of Outsourcing in the New Economic Order

Outsourcing as a strategic choice by several corporations since its acceptance as a business idea has sustained the interest of a larger corporate community on account of the returns rendered by such an arrangement without large capital expenditure involved. Besides its share of controversies in regards to off-shoring of jobs and diminishing quality standards, outsourcing as an idea has maintained its faithful fan following among corporate audience and has managed to, in most cases, become a source of profit and cross-country partnerships sustained through global ties and arrangements.

Google set to change strategy: what to expect

The search giant has monopolized the search market and influenced the way web marketing, as we know today, exists. It has provided the ways and means to get known online and increase the “air-time” through right methodologies at the disposal of many online marketing enterprises. However, besides monopolizing the market, Google has been careful of its competitors, especially Bing and green revolution influenced Ecosia. Although, the market share for both of these is nothing in comparison to Google and its partners, the controversial information collection and sourcing practiced by the search giant isn’t going down so well with people who are already vary of the companies intent on using personal information under the pretext of providing targeted advertisements and promotional offers.

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Tensions Are Rising Between The Sunni and Shiites in Iraq

Since we pulled out of Iraq, there has been a return of the same old carnage that we saw in the past. There has recently been bombings that killed 60 people in Baghdad stemming from Islamic sects that want to show their power and it is plain to see that there are violent extremists in Iraq who desire to have their presence felt. The tensions between the Sunnis and Shiites are rising and the prime minister who is a Shiite, Nouri al-Maliki, is being put into a corner of creating an independent Sunni region in Iraq but has recently been quoted as saying it would only serve in “dividing Iraq and to rivers of blood.”


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