As The Debt Ceiling Increases, Name Calling Ends for Obama

As the debt ceiling grows rapidly, president Obama is no longer in a position to call former president Goerge.W.Bush ‘unpatriotic’. Last week, the Obama administration requested to raise the debt ceiling to $16.4 trillion. He wants it to be up by $1.2 from the last year.

When the money spent by the government exceeds the revenue collected, money is borrowed to deal with the deficit created. Debt ceiling is the limit placed by the American Treasury beyond which the American government cannot borrow. This is not new to the Obama administration. The debt ceiling at the time he entered was $10.6 trillion. Within a month of his settling in to office, it was raised to $12.1 trillion.

What’s So Hard in the National Anthem?

Steven Tyler copped a fair share of criticism last week after making a hash of the American National Anthem. The Aerosmith front man rendered “The Star Spangled Banner” ahead of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the New England Patriots in the AFC. The supposed reason for such wide-spread criticism was his inability to hit the right high tones and gobbling up some of the lyrics.

This is not the first instance where a popular celebrity has been picked apart for their rendition of the National Anthem. Erica Chase, a popular recording artist does admit the difficulty in the song when she says, “difficult would be an understatement.” She goes on to add that the song has intervals where it goes from a lower note to a higher note pretty rapidly. Add to that, the fact these celebrities are used to performing their own tracks with their own bands and performing the National Anthem, puts them out of their comfort zone.

Let the Games Begin!!

The countdown to the London Olympic Games has begun with the builders having handed over the Olympic Village to the London 2012 Organizers. It is now time to begin the huge process of installing essential facilities and services to get the village ready to host Olympic competitors.

Just as thousands of sports persons around the world are getting ready to attend these Olympic Games as a culmination of years of hard work and many ups and downs, the Olympic Village is the result of years of hard work and collaborative effort in the face of a harsh economic climate. Originally the developer Lend Lease was to raise the funding privately to build the village but as a result of the economic perils of 2008, the Government decided to step in and foot the bill which is reported to be about $1.6 Billion. It is expected that they will not be able to recoup their investment, but hoped that the boost to the economy will be worth this outflow from the governments’ exchequer.

Djokovic beats Nadal in a Humdinger

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal played out a five and a half hour epic tennis match that will go down in history as one of the best ever. The two battled it out in the Australian Open final at the Rod Laver arena in Melbourne. Djokovic prevailed after both players had given everything they had and more. The amount of reserve energy both of them found during the see-saw battle was unbelievable. The 5 hours and 53 minute match is the longest Grand Slam singles final ever.

When the match came to an end with a Djokovic forehand winner, commentators had no adjectives left and the viewer could do nothing but cry. The raw emotion was such that, Djokovic tore his shirt open, screamed into the heavens and banged the advertisement hoardings, sanity ceased to exist.

Bill Gates’ Appeal to People across the World to Invest in Farming

Bill Gates in his distinctively quiet style has published a letter about the year ahead and what he feels should be accomplished in 2012. He has called on the world to re-vitalize ‘green revolution’ all over again. Green revolution was a concept introduced to the world by late Nobel Laureate Norman Borlaug.

The former CEO of software giant Microsoft, gets to the point right away, when he mentions that 15% of the world population still lives in poverty and a majority of that population is made of farmers living on small farms. He goes on to add that the produce from these small farms is not good enough to feed even their own families. He calls for agricultural innovation which will create new tools and approaches to increase produce and transform the lives of millions of farmers, at the same time he admits his fear of dwindling funding for innovation in agriculture in the current political and economic climate.

Tax Lax in Capitol Hill

Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have been in the news recently for their tax return details. More information shows that many Capitol Hill employees have been neglecting paying their taxes.  In 2008 alone, 447 House employees and 231 Senate workers haven’t paid their taxes. This year’s data from the IRS confirms that there are about $10million in unpaid taxes just from 3 percent of the Senate staffers and 4 percent of the House staffers.

Senate Candidates for Massachusetts Sign a Historic Agreement on Third Party Advertising

Prime candidates for this year’s Massachusetts senate election, Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat and Scott Brown, the Republican have decided to ban third party advertisements during their campaign. By doing so, they have created history with a first-of-its-kind agreement. The agreement states that if a third party advertisement is aired in favour of either of them, half the cost of advertisement will be donated to a charity. Last week, Warren sent a proposal to Brown which he agreed to sign. The agreement follows the proxy wars that have been on the air for some time now. Both parties involved have reached a compromise after their representatives shared dialogue.

We Are Headed to a Super Bowl Rematch

The NFL had an exciting Sunday.  New England faced Baltimore, while New York battled San Francisco in a defensive showdown that went to overtime.  Both were heated contests with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  It turns out the Patriots and the Giants will be meeting again in one of the grandest games on earth for the second time in five years.  The losing Ravens and 49ers were both teams that fought hard all the way to the end but it just wasn’t there time yet to meet the world on center stage at the Super Bowl.  The Ravens’ ending was heartbreaking with the field gold kicker botching the attempt that wasn’t from a far distance.  The Giants loss was also a tough one to swallow if you were a San Francisco fan with a fumble coming at the end on a 49er kickoff return, which was subsequently followed by a game winning field goal on the Giants part.

The Dangerous North Korea Is Making Moves

Kim Jong-Il, with his passing, is regarded my America as a ruthless dictator who was involved with trying to create dangerous weapons of mass destruction.  His successor, Kim Jong-un, is much like his father and unfortunately for the rest of the world is headed down the same path of nuclear weaponry ambition.  Till the days of his father’s death, Kim Jong-un received important advice concerning military matters.  The question is what were the discussions all about? Who did Kim Jong-il consider enemies and what kind of legacy did he want to leave to the world?  Selected as heir in September 2010, Kim Jung-un is making moves that arereminiscent of his father’s behavior as a general.

SOPA and PIPA Bills Delayed

A decision on Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) has been postponed. Mr. Lamar Smith, Chairman of House Judiciary Committee, said he could come to a decision only when a compromise was reached.

SOPA and PIPA are anti-piracy bills that are being considered by the House of Representatives and the Senate. These bills are to address the issues of hosting pirated content on foreign servers. Under these bills, the websites that host infringed content or links to infringed content will be blocked.


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