America’s First Lady Facing Side-Effects of Being Famous, Says She Is No Angry Black Woman

Being famous is a universal and probably the most common aspiration we as humans have. It is something that every extrovert wishes out loud and every introvert secretly hopes for. While being famous is an aspiration, its realization to someone is not without side-effects as Mrs. Obama would be the perfect one to exemplify the disadvantages of being the First Lady of America. In a recent interview by CBS, Mrs. Obama was reported as saying that her feelings cannot be judged by speculations other make and anything anyone says about her is simply based on conjecture and not the whole truth as no one can tell besides herself what she feels. Her emotional reaction was in response of a book written by New York Times reported Jody Kantor whose account is based on interviews of White House staff, both current and foreign.

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Universities from United Kindgom Open Doors to Thai Students

The universities in the United Kingdom are again in the news and for this time for a reason that is positive and probably a result of the first. Earlier, the UK Universities made headlines with the government deciding to hike the tuition fees for all universities in the England, Wales and Northern Ireland regions as an effort towards achieving economic stability out of its enormous debt. The rule was met with a lot of fury from the student unions and the general community with riots breaking out in almost every city. The students demanded a more equitable proposition for an economic crisis that was created out of excessive expenditure on wars rather than education in the UK. Fees were hiked from 3000 pounds to 9000 pounds a year which was simply unaffordable by many students who were literally surviving on temporary and part-time jobs.

Obama Raises $68 Million in Three Months

In what comes as very important news, Barack Obama’s campaign team and the Democratic National Committee have raised $68 Million over the last quarter of 2011.

The President’s campaign manager Jim Messina said, 98% of the donations were individual contributions of $250 or less, which means a great deal to the campaign. The other figure to note is that the 200,000 of the people were first time donors. The more number of people donating smaller denominations represents their support for the Democratic Party and Obama. If we dissect this and look carefully, it points to the growing popularity of Obama at grass-root levels. The figure was strategically revealed close on the heels of Mitt Romney announcing that his campaign team had raised $24m in the same period. Mitt Romney is the leading Republican Candidate set to take on Obama in the Presidential polls.

Katy Perry Wins Five People’s Choice Awards

Katy Perry walked away with as many as five awards at the People’s Choice Awards function held at the Nokia Theatre in LA. The awards included Favourite Female Artist, Favourite Tour Headliner and Song of the Sear, all for ET and bagged the other two awards, Favourite Tour Headliner and Favourite TV Guest star for her cameo in ‘How I Met Your Mother’. However she did not attend the ceremony owing to personal reasons, it is no secret that she recently split with her husband Rusell Brand.

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