We Are Headed to a Super Bowl Rematch

The NFL had an exciting Sunday.  New England faced Baltimore, while New York battled San Francisco in a defensive showdown that went to overtime.  Both were heated contests with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis.  It turns out the Patriots and the Giants will be meeting again in one of the grandest games on earth for the second time in five years.  The losing Ravens and 49ers were both teams that fought hard all the way to the end but it just wasn’t there time yet to meet the world on center stage at the Super Bowl.  The Ravens’ ending was heartbreaking with the field gold kicker botching the attempt that wasn’t from a far distance.  The Giants loss was also a tough one to swallow if you were a San Francisco fan with a fumble coming at the end on a 49er kickoff return, which was subsequently followed by a game winning field goal on the Giants part.

The Dangerous North Korea Is Making Moves

Kim Jong-Il, with his passing, is regarded my America as a ruthless dictator who was involved with trying to create dangerous weapons of mass destruction.  His successor, Kim Jong-un, is much like his father and unfortunately for the rest of the world is headed down the same path of nuclear weaponry ambition.  Till the days of his father’s death, Kim Jong-un received important advice concerning military matters.  The question is what were the discussions all about? Who did Kim Jong-il consider enemies and what kind of legacy did he want to leave to the world?  Selected as heir in September 2010, Kim Jung-un is making moves that arereminiscent of his father’s behavior as a general.

SOPA and PIPA Bills Delayed

A decision on Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA) has been postponed. Mr. Lamar Smith, Chairman of House Judiciary Committee, said he could come to a decision only when a compromise was reached.

SOPA and PIPA are anti-piracy bills that are being considered by the House of Representatives and the Senate. These bills are to address the issues of hosting pirated content on foreign servers. Under these bills, the websites that host infringed content or links to infringed content will be blocked.


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