Super Bowl 2012

As the country prepares to watch the SuperBowl XLVI, the New England Patriots are preparing to protect their Quarterback Tom Brady from being sacked. Though Tom Brady has gone 126 consecutive season games without being sacked 5 times, it has happened twice in the last five years during post season games. Both those games ended in losses, most worryingly this includes the SuperBowl XLII loss against the New York Giant.

New Drug for Skin Cancer Approved

There seems to be some good news for people suffering from advanced basal cell carcinoma as the drug Erivedge has been approved by the FDA to treat this form of skin cancer. Developed by Roche Holding AG in the USA, this drug with the generic name vismodegib was passed by the FDA thought its priority fast-track program, where it only takes six months to review drugs that show promise of major advances in treatment.

Basal cell carcinoma is a slow growing and painless cancer that starts in the epidermis or upper layer of the skin, usually in areas that have been regularly exposed to the sun or UV light.  Erivedge works by inhibiting the Hedgehog pathway, and is a once a day oral medication. The Hedgehog pathway has been found to be active in most basal cell cancers, but only in a few normal tissues such as hair follicles.

Katy Perry Will Set the Stage on Fire at This Years Grammys and So Will Adele

Last year the British sensation and a Grammy award winner herself, Katy Perry scorched the stage at Grammys when she performed scintillatingly singing Not like the Movies and Teenage dream. However, the background screen played the footage of her wedding with now estranged husband Russel Brand. This year, what could it be? Nevertheless with her short listing to the already impressive list of singers, performer and presenters, this year’s Grammys are bound to become the event to watch out for.

The news was announced on February 1 when the nominee of Record of the Year and Best Solo Pop Performance is one of the performers at the big music event which has had impressive line-up. The major speculation and media interest will be focused on Katy’s performance and comparisons will occur with her previous year’s performance. Judging how she performs people is expecting to estimate the extent to which her second estrangement has affected her life and ability to get on with life. Previously married to Petre Andre, Katy Perry after facing a second divorce is now speculated to be dating someone new.

Pfizer Could Face a Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit for Recalled Contraceptive

The pharmaceutical giant’s contraceptive named Lo/Ovral-28 tablets were recalled in huge numbers from pharmacies and customers who might have already bought it. This has been the largest recall in recent times in the pharmaceutical industry which relies on quality to avoid losses usually occurring through customers suing the company for reasons like an unexpected side-effect and the like. In light of the vulnerability that pharmaceutical companies face in the event of poor output, Pfizer can be deemed to be at a huge risk of facing a multimillion dollar law suit by not one but many customers who bought the pill in order to avoid a possible pregnancy. In effect, Pfizer can be considered at a risk of being sued by several women who have accidentally got pregnant due to the ineffective contraceptives they took.

The Revolution Taking Place in Egypt

The state of revolution in Egypt is not slowing down by any means.  The principles   of democracy have been spreading like wild fire.  As you may have already seen on the news, protesters have been occupying Cairo’s TahrirSquare fighting for economic fairness and proper political representation since the 25th of January 2011.  Although this resistance aimed to be non-violent, there has been several conflicts between the Egyptian military and the protesters with approximately 846 people being killed and 6,000 injured.  These courageous Egyptian citizens succeeded only on a small scale with the ousting of President Mubarak who was hoarding wealth and not caring for his people.  The sad fact of the matter is that even though the old regime is gone in Egypt, the new military-minded one isn’t that much better or more fair to the people.  The filmmaker of Back to the Square, PetrLom, genuinely feels for the revolution that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon.  He states,

75 year old ‘Soul Train’ Creator Commits Suicide

Don Cornelius, the famous man who created the television music series ‘Soul Train’ died on Wednesday. He was found dead in his apartment around one o clock on February 1. He was found dead in his California home in Sherman Oaks. The police say there is no evidence of foul play and that it is an apparent suicide.

He was taken to hospital when the police found him with a gunshot wound and he was pronounced dead at 4am. Though there was no evidence of foul play, the investigation about his death is still ongoing. Soul train was an American musical variety show that exposed Americans to black pop culture, hip hop, jazz and R&B. The show began in 1971 and went on till 2006. Even after ending the show, the reruns went on for two years.

The Unfortunate European and American Recession

The economic state in Europe is in ruins right now with the fall of the euro and failed anti-capitalistic policies.Moreover, America’s dismal financial situation isn’t helping out Europe’s woes and vice versa.  Capitalism is a very delicate flower where it has to be nourished and properly looked after.  If Europe holds on tightly to the principles of capitalism, then their economic situation might improve.  The upcoming United State’s presidential election is so important because the major thing that is on voter’s mind is for their country to achieveeconomic growth; both America and Europe need it.Capitalism involves limited regulation, free market enterprise and concern for the growth of the middle class.  More importantly it is the separation of economy and state.  Many people across the world feel that government should not interfere with people’s financial endeavors.  Alan Greenspan describes capitalism in the following quote,

“Capitalism is based on self-interest and self-esteem; it holds integrity and trustworthiness as cardinal virtues and makes them pay off in the marketplace, thus demanding that men survive by means of virtue, not vices. It is this superlatively moral system that the welfare statists propose to improve upon by means of preventative law, snooping bureaucrats, and the chronic goad of fear.”


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