Four girls from South Korea take over the girl band scene, redefine it and win acclaim

Four girls from South Korea of Chinese descent who form the girl band stylized as miss A started performing in 2010 and have taken the Korean music scene and its audience by storm. Hugely successful in the Far East, miss A members hope to go international as much as their fans would like to see them do so. Individually starting their music careers through passionate diligence and after several groupings and regroupings, the band with four members with a dream of making it big in the music arena was conceptualized and hence began the success story of these small town girls from China rocking the music scene in South Korea. Soon they’ll be rocking on a television screen near you.

Who Wrote the US Constitution? SLAVE OWNERS???????????

In the world of politics now things couldn’t be any more Machiavellian.  There exists lobbyists, conspiracies, and under the rug secrets and American citizens are forced to pick sides and start plotting on the other side.  Is this the country that our forefathers wanted?  Well, they were slave owners so what did they know anyway!  I know I might sound a little brash but this is the truth.  There are so many dark components to the systems set in place in our society.  The common man is being knocked out of the box and the rich are getting richer.  I concur with the fortuitous principles of capitalism but it is too monopolized by corporate big shots that are not properly sticking to guide lines that we should all adhere to.  Barack Obama, the world’s first multiracial president is a man of principal even though he has been hit by scandals brought about by his ambition to fight global warming.  Nonetheless, he still has my support.  I believe in a family man that puts his character out on front street and lives by an ideology that we could all take from and become a wiser person.  There seems to be a fine line between Republicans and Democrats that is diminishing.  Both parties are flawed, and it’s always going to be like that because hey, that’s just what America is:

Haye and Chisora get into a fight again. This time it’s outside the ring

One of the most watched and most anticipated of all fights in Great Britain was later on marred with a heavy brawl between the two boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora. The British Boxing arena was faced with the question of sportsmanship of its patrons and players when a charade ensued between the boxing heavyweights at the Munich Presser. The videos that were made of the bloody fight became instant viral and spread across like wildfire. While it could be debated between fans of both boxers if the entire episode was justified, the tarnished image presented to the world about British Boxing world will be something hard to repair.

Whitney Houston’s Death Sparks of the Addiction Debate Again

We’ve been through this before and it does not end here either. Whitney Houston joined a long list of celebrities that have fallen victim to substance abuse. Her tragic death has once again raised questions about the nexus between Hollywood, drugs and Alcohol and more specifically what is means to America as a society.

Heath ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse are just a few names of celebrities who died recently because of problems relating to narcotics. The stories of their death are even more painful considering the timing of their deaths. Heath Ledger had the world at his feet, having reprised the role of the Joker in “The Dark Knight” and just when people were looking forward to this exciting young actor, came the shocking news of his demise. He even went on to win the Oscar for the ‘best supporting actor’ after his death. The case of Michael Jackson is also equally heart wrenching. All plans were in place for his concert to take place and he was through with a majority of his rehearsals as well. The worlds lined up to buy tickets to his concert and were waiting to be enthralled by the King of Pop when the unimaginable happened. The shady story behind his death has made his case even murkier.


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