Parenting Pitfalls

The role of parents is a controversial one.  There are disciplinarians and then there are ones that permit a lot of slack in the raising of their offspring.  There exists plethora of parenting strategies that inevitably lead to the one place that we all hope for is a successful adulthood.  Unfortunately there are also parents that inhibit their children from succeeding in the real world; this is a tragedy that is all too common.  It is so sad to see a child possessed with the demons of their parents.  You see, we are all born innocent and peaceful but then become engrossed by all the emotion and character of our parents.  Around the world, there are unlucky children being brainwashed and force fed teachings that are immoral, racist, evil, and most importantly damaging for the existence of a pure soul.  Bad parents are multiplying and the only reason they hurt their children spiritually, emotionally and sometimes even physically are due to the fact that they lost in the game of life and are destined to extract all the goodness out of their children who are little angels in my book.  The reason I am writing only about foul parents and not the good ones is because it is imperative that we halt the trespassing that is taking place and the robbing of the youthful exuberance.

The Mobile Wallet Market Hots Up

The mobile wallet concept or the option of paying through your mobile has not taken the World by storm as yet. At this stage, it remains a niche market still discovering the best way to attract customers. In-spite of not being as huge as the credit card market, the transaction volume numbers are pretty impressive.

Various merchants, banks, service providers, technology companies, handset makers are all involved in the process of a mobile payment, which automatically brings a huge user base to tap into. The challenges that are stalling the industry are to be put forward in the upcoming mobile congress in Barcelona, Spain. The biggies that are set to make waves are Google Visa and eBay backed by PayPal. There are other small newbies such as Boku that has made an entry recently and has tied up with MasterCard.

AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless are all coming together to form New-York based Isis, which is set to spar with Google Wallet to rule the mobile payment market. To its credit Isis has bought major players like Chase, Capital One and Barclaycard on board for their customers to place their credit, debit and prepaid cards into the Isis Mobile Wallet. The service is set to roll out in the middle of 2012. Their plan to launch with a bang has been pretty apparent when they tied-up with U.S. payment networks: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express in July, 2011.

How “The Artist” Stormed the Oscars

The story of a French black and white movie with no dialogues or any major stars sweeping the Oscars is a fairytale to say the least. As with most fairytales the ending was happy and joyous. The movie won five Oscars including best picture, best directing, best costume design, best original music score and best actor. The Oscar favorites were all nominated, Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, but it was ‘The Artist’ director Michel Hazanavicius who bagged the honor for best director.

While the film is now celebrated by one and all, everybody has a little seed of doubt in their minds as to how this happened? How did such an uninspiring movie become a colossal success? Well, most seem to believe it is the handiwork of one genius named Harvey Weinstein, the man who bought the film’s distribution rights in the U.S before it even hit the film festival scene. Harvey Weinstein is a movie mogul and someone who is widely known for unearthing talents like Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino is a successful film-maker who has attained widespread success and critical acclaim for his movies like Pulp Fiction, Kill-Bill and Inglorious Bastards. Harvey also backed last year’s best picture winner The King’s Speech.

The Menace that is the Paparazzi

A single word that sends a shiver down the spine of many celebrities is the word ‘Paparazzi’. These celebrity hungry shutterbugs follow, stalk and do whatever it takes to get a photograph of a celebrity. They often take pictures in the most of comprising of positions and ones that are intimate and personal. The menace of these photographers has often spiraled out of control and has lead to many celebrities breaking down. The same people who put them on Page 3 and give them all the attention in the public eye often cross the line of decency. Over the years that line seems to have stretched a bit too far for comfort.

Britney Spears has often been the most affected celebrity and one who has been constantly targeted. Her altercations with them have often been ugly and have led to her reaching a breaking point. In a TV interview couple of years back, she broke down on national television discussing the Paparazzi menace.

Health care compromise? Not a chance

Medicine comes up rearing its ugly head in our lives and whether or not, we have to take it so that our sickness subsides, hopefully never to return.  The pharmaceutical industry has grown into a monster for the past century, and everyone collectively feels the financial daggers from insurance and doctors that both immorally overcharge.  Sometimes I am at a loss for words when doctors, because the innocent patient doesn’t have insurance, refuses to provide his services in order to keep his bottom-line.  It is plain to see that the debacle of healthcare in the house and senate truly makes for the devil’s workshop, where men and woman cursed with idle minds only to bask in asea of cash.   Where is compromise?  It is plain to see that America’s

Politicians just care about one thing, inflating lobbyist’s agendas.

As his court martial begins, Manning defers his plea in the Wikileaks case

On Thursday began Bradley Manning’s first day of court martial. He is accused of aiding the enemy by leaking classified documents, among other things. He has about 22 charges filed against him. On Thursday, he deferred a plea to all 22 of them. He also deferred his decision on whether he wants to be tried by a military judge or a panel that would consist of senior officials and enlisted members.

It is said that Manning deferred his decision on both because this gives them more time to work on the case and investigation and also keeps their options open. Due to Manning’s decision, the trial could begin sometime around August. By then, Manning and his men can strategize and see what happens to several of the motions that will be heard before the trial.

Manning is accused of providing Julian Assange with confidential documents about the Iraq and Afghan wars that were published on Wikileaks. He is charged with aiding the enemy, wrongfully causing intelligence to be published on the Internet in spite of knowing that it would be accessible to the enemy, theft of public property and records, transmitting defense information and fraud related to computers.

Four girls from South Korea take over the girl band scene, redefine it and win acclaim

Four girls from South Korea of Chinese descent who form the girl band stylized as miss A started performing in 2010 and have taken the Korean music scene and its audience by storm. Hugely successful in the Far East, miss A members hope to go international as much as their fans would like to see them do so. Individually starting their music careers through passionate diligence and after several groupings and regroupings, the band with four members with a dream of making it big in the music arena was conceptualized and hence began the success story of these small town girls from China rocking the music scene in South Korea. Soon they’ll be rocking on a television screen near you.

Who Wrote the US Constitution? SLAVE OWNERS???????????

In the world of politics now things couldn’t be any more Machiavellian.  There exists lobbyists, conspiracies, and under the rug secrets and American citizens are forced to pick sides and start plotting on the other side.  Is this the country that our forefathers wanted?  Well, they were slave owners so what did they know anyway!  I know I might sound a little brash but this is the truth.  There are so many dark components to the systems set in place in our society.  The common man is being knocked out of the box and the rich are getting richer.  I concur with the fortuitous principles of capitalism but it is too monopolized by corporate big shots that are not properly sticking to guide lines that we should all adhere to.  Barack Obama, the world’s first multiracial president is a man of principal even though he has been hit by scandals brought about by his ambition to fight global warming.  Nonetheless, he still has my support.  I believe in a family man that puts his character out on front street and lives by an ideology that we could all take from and become a wiser person.  There seems to be a fine line between Republicans and Democrats that is diminishing.  Both parties are flawed, and it’s always going to be like that because hey, that’s just what America is:

Haye and Chisora get into a fight again. This time it’s outside the ring

One of the most watched and most anticipated of all fights in Great Britain was later on marred with a heavy brawl between the two boxers David Haye and Dereck Chisora. The British Boxing arena was faced with the question of sportsmanship of its patrons and players when a charade ensued between the boxing heavyweights at the Munich Presser. The videos that were made of the bloody fight became instant viral and spread across like wildfire. While it could be debated between fans of both boxers if the entire episode was justified, the tarnished image presented to the world about British Boxing world will be something hard to repair.

Whitney Houston’s Death Sparks of the Addiction Debate Again

We’ve been through this before and it does not end here either. Whitney Houston joined a long list of celebrities that have fallen victim to substance abuse. Her tragic death has once again raised questions about the nexus between Hollywood, drugs and Alcohol and more specifically what is means to America as a society.

Heath ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse are just a few names of celebrities who died recently because of problems relating to narcotics. The stories of their death are even more painful considering the timing of their deaths. Heath Ledger had the world at his feet, having reprised the role of the Joker in “The Dark Knight” and just when people were looking forward to this exciting young actor, came the shocking news of his demise. He even went on to win the Oscar for the ‘best supporting actor’ after his death. The case of Michael Jackson is also equally heart wrenching. All plans were in place for his concert to take place and he was through with a majority of his rehearsals as well. The worlds lined up to buy tickets to his concert and were waiting to be enthralled by the King of Pop when the unimaginable happened. The shady story behind his death has made his case even murkier.


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