U.S. Court approves warrantless search of mobile phones

After a drug bust in Indiana, the cell phones of those indicted and arrested were checked and their numbers recorded during the investigations by the police. However, one of those arrested protested against this act as believed it as a violation of his privacy. If the Fourth Amendment is to be consulted, all unreasonable searches are indeed a violation and the person in question refused to part with any information that his cell phone contained and he also refused to reveal his cell phone number. However, when the case was brought in for judgment, the Appeal was rejected and the court not just ruled the suspect in for a 10 year prison sentence but also disregarded his claim for privacy in context if the mobile content checks carried out by the investigating officers.

EU law considers Google guilty of breach of privacy

In an age where information on almost all occasions is equated with economic value, the company that has taken as its responsibility the organization of world’s information is currently in breach of law set by the European Union. The ruling from the European Justice Commissioner just a few days after Google restructured its privacy policy towards making it more simple and understandable by users of the site. Google has already been in trouble before on the other side of the Atlantic because of the controversial street view feature in Google maps. The feature raised privacy issues much like the current restricting is considered to be breach of. The doubt in its privacy policy could lead to a Europe wide investigation that can be potentially harmful for the already tainted reputation of the company. The move is unlikely to have huge monetary impact of the company that enjoys immense and deep loyalty either out of convenience that users find with its products or out of pure love and respect for the company.

Obama in New Hampshire to Talk Energy

As the Republicans try to deny Obama another term as president using the rising oil prices, Obama goes to his Republican rivals own backyard of New Hampshire. Obama is trying to deal with the criticism he has been receiving over the past few weeks for the rising prices. The president agrees that he is aware of the steep increase but also said that there is very little he could do that would provide immediate relief.

With the gasoline prices rising from $3.39 every gallon a year ago to $3.74 this year and the brewing political tension in the Middle East translates to more leverage for the Republicans. The President is looking to repeal the unwarranted $4 billion in annual subsidies that are handed out to oil and gas companies. This will urge the congress to take a vote quite immediately.

Capitalism or Socialism

Corporate greed is disgusting.  CEO’s sit on their high horse and watch as their enslaved employees work for pennies, while the management makes beaucoup profit that is unfortunately not shared and distributed at a fairer share.  People at the higher end of pay have mentalities that they are better than the people under them.

Money, power, and respect are the only thing that talks in this world.

For ages there has been a drastic distinction between lowly employees and the corporate fat cats who seem to believe that money, power, and respect is the only thing that matters in life.  These bosses that share this quality are going to have to one day give up their loot for their fellow man whether they like it or not.  They make more than is needed to happily and comfortably live in society, and the only way the economy is going to get better is if they stop thinking in such an elitist, narcissistic manner.  I am not merely saying this on a Robin Hood “steal from the rich and give to the poor” tangent, but I truly feel that the pay rate in the western world is far from being moral and fair.  It’s just that when you see the rich living in luxurious pent houses and then walks through a ghetto; you know something is not adding up.  Life changing education needs to be implemented within poor communities and corporations should invest in it.  Who says utopia can’t be formed?


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