Iran Nuclear Crisis

The world can be a very scary place when religion comes in the mix.

It inhibits people from seeing their way out during murky times.  What I mean is that religious people rely on scripture too much rather than good old fashioned common sense and a socially progressive prerogative.

The separation of religion and state is a must for countries that are feuding with each other.  Take for instance the Iran nuclear crisis and the alarming fact that this scientific endeavor is compelling Israel military action.  What makes matter’s worse is that once again America is the mediator, even though times in the United States are financially and politically in a sad state of turmoil.  Why does America always have to step in and be forced to take sides concerning deathly situations (with Iran having a NUCLEAR BOMB!).  The USA has taken Israel’s side because religiously, it is the correct thing to do.  Well, that and the fact that Iran’s president is out of his mind.

Android Marketplace is now Google Play

Ever since its inception, Google’s Android marketplace has been a huge hit in the mobile world. Over the years the collection of apps, music and videos has grown to unimaginable levels. Google feels that through the name of Android Marketplace it is losing out on precious brand value, due to which they have renamed it as Google Play. They felt the older name was restrictive and did not present a picture of what the company wanted to offer. Beginning from the 7th of March all of Google’s digital media services will roll under the name of Google Play.

This move is not a knee-jerk reaction but one that’s been in the making for a while now. Google has been contemplating a move to convert the marketplace into streamlined hub for digital media. To rent movies or buy music or e-books there is no need for an Android device as the name Android Marketplace suggests, because of which many users have ignored the service before.

iPad – the third coming

Consumers are soon to be treated to a third helping of the iPad tablet. Apple execs unveiled the new HD empowered iPad Tablet at an event in California on Wednesday. This iPad tablet has a stunning new display which Apple says has more pixels than those of your HDTV with its 1080p.

The overall look of the new iPad Tablet will remain the same, with a 9.7 inch screen it will be 9.4mm thick and weigh 1.5 pounds. In addition to an extremely high resolution screen this version of the iPad uses the LTE network for 4G wireless connectivity which means that it cruise the internet at higher speeds from wireless providers like AT&T and Verizon. Also it has a more powerful processor in its A5X chip, where the X is short for the quad core graphics power built into the processor.

A glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel

There have been a slew of reports that together indicate that the US economy is looking up, sparking a rebound on Wall Street. Companies increased hiring in the month of February, with the private sector adding 216,000 jobs against an expected 208,000 jobs according to the ADP National Employment Report. This means that after two years of expansions that was devoid of any increase in employment, businesses are finally at a point that they feel they need a larger workforce to meet an increase in orders.

The government is expected to release a more comprehensive report of the monthly labour market on Friday which will include numbers from both the private as well as public sector. Economists expect these numbers to show that 210,000 nonfarm jobs were added to the economy, with a gain of 225,000 jobs in the private sector offsetting a loss of jobs in the public sector.

Hard working Americans and the media push Romney towards his goal

While many would agree that reporting the American elections is much like reporting a sports contest where each side has supporters who continue rooting for their side’s hero until their win or loss is inevitably evident and then all goes quiet until the next game of showmanship and competition is up people’s TV sets. This is to say that media and supporters form a combination that when used correctly to influence the latter and when the latter is essentially in agreement with one’s policies and outlook for the future, then a win is not far away.

This is exactly what happened with Romney, some would say. Working class women who choose Romney over conservative and stricter Santorum helped him recover his narrow win in Michigan yet again with a whisker. Although Romney’s initial wins has propelled him to wield a considerable gap between him and Santorum, Michigan and Ohio showed that it would be easy to carry on without realizing that there was opposition to his views and opinions especially that support gay marriage and other issues specifically un-conservative in nature.


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