Exercise versus Smoking

Exercise versus SmokingSmoking is an activity which is being practiced by over a billion people around the world. Smoking is one of the most common forms of recreational drug use. In earlier days it was used for different purposes some of which comprise of religious ceremonies or in various other rituals. But nowadays people have become habituated to these practices irrelevant of religion or culture and smoking has become a habit. This is because, the substance used in the cigarettes or in other pipes and cigars is tobacco which after combustion results in release of nicotine in the smokers blood which makes them addicted.

Smoking has by far been found to be the cause for various diseases and health disorders.it is also the major cause of cardiovascular diseases. Quitting smoking is the first step that has to be taken to stop all the smoking related problems. But this solution is easier said than done. Once a person is habituated to smoking it becomes really difficult for him to quit and even after quitting there is a high chance of this addiction to relapse in no time. Keeping these facts in mind the researchers have come up with a new solution to counter this problem, and that is exercise. Exercising every day for short time intervals will help smokers keep a check on their health and also avoid the high risks of diseases like cancer, heart attacks, birth defects and other kinds of problems. An exercising smoker is less likely to develop health disorders than a sedentary smoker. A short walk everyday can help smokers a lot. It has also been found by researchers that exercise may also help a smoker quit smoking all together and the chance of its relapse is also minimized if the individual continues exercising. This is because exercising makes cigarettes less attractive. These are the merits exercise provides to smokers. It also increases life expectancy of smokers who exercise on regular basis. The best method of exercise to be followed by active smokers is to include in their schedule 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, such as walking. Gradually try to increase your intensity and reduce smoking. Try to maintain a healthy diet and keep away from stressful situations which will trigger your urge to smoke. Try breathing exercise .this will increase your lung capacity.

Education Heals Affliction

Reading, writing and teaching others is a principality that can eventually convince those who are troubled by ignorance, violence, and their children’s defiance to become gifted individuals; there are far too many people in the world that look in the mirror and see the reflection of stupidity, which is a disturbing situation that can turn very dangerous.  We all face a barrage of various dilemmas in our lives that for many unfortunately breeds fear, aimless retaliation, and unimaginable ignorance which ultimately jump starts the calamity of the Holy Ghost’s unbearable torture.

Let’s get down to the nitty grity!  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that mankind, since the beginning of time, have been troubled bya debilitating so-called wisdom that chaotically gives rise to a criminality revolving around unneeded mortal combat, where men and their submissive women become obsessed with domination rather than self-realization.  All you have to is open a history book and realize that for centuries people have been mis-educated by scriptural texts, Machiavellian fiction that molests the inner-child in all of us, and by so-called enlightened masters of various faiths who stab God in the back because they truly feel like they are “Mr. Know It Alls.”

We As Sports Fans Should Just Imagine

As a former sports enthusiast, I grew up idolizing superstar athletes that would amaze me with their talents.  For instance, my eyes would light up when I would sit in front of the idiot box and watch Michael “Air” Jordan fly above his envious completion and dominate the game of basketball.  In Houston, I can vividly recall going to Houston Oilers game with my father and we would both marvel at Warren Moon (QB) go in hard and throw unbelievable passes that would leave both of us in awe.  As a result, I became an ambitious youth who would stop at nothing to attain athletic prowess regardless if it destroyed the development of my character.  I fell into the same trap that Michael Jordan and Warren Moon did.  One was a chronic gambler with Mob affiliation and the other was a wife beater, respectively.  Somewhere along the line on the road to the Hall of Fame, their ego got in the way and basically became demonized by their riches, pride and most importantly, their celebrity status.  America’s sporting communities have the game all messed up giving these so-called “gladiators” unlimited shine.  What about the youth, who have become blinded by their heroes’God-given talents and refuse to condemn what their idols do off the court (or field, rink etc.)?  It is blasphemy!

Parental Mishaps Based On a Broken Human Spirit

Adults that want to procreate should be very cautious.  It is disturbing that today parents try to manipulate their children into reaching plateaus that they themselves were shamefully never able to climb to; it is all too familiar that there are so many adults across the world that are pissed off that they will never stand at that figurative mountaintop, unable to envision the culmination of their blood, sweat and tears.  As a result, when these broken-spirited grown-ups have the opportunity to control and influence the succession of their own blood to follow a certain path in life, it is based solely on the unfortunate underlying disaster that they want a little puppet to live vicariously through.  Some call this just good old fashioned parenting but I like to call it the enslavement of pitiful baggage, or in other words cursed ambition to live up to.

Children are born innocent into a very dangerous world where eventually they will be preyed upon so it is imperative that parents never let their seeds be naïve and victim to a variety of harsh consequences that theyexperienced as confused youths, torturing them as they limped on the road to a de-attached adulthood.  Nonetheless, it is for certain that somewhere along the parental timelinethese empty, full-grown souls with crushed, deflated egostake one look at their beautiful, jolly child and make the alarming decision to not leave this earth defeated so that when they eventually enter heavens gates they will have left a part of them (a child who is against the world) that achieves and conquers the ideals of the quest that they spent years laboring over leaving them in misery and misunderstood in God’s eyes.

StumbleUpon passes the 25 million user mark

StumbleUponLast week StumbleUpon stumbled upon its 25millionth user. This is phenomenal growth rate considering that there were only 20 million users in last October. This means that the discovery engine has been drawing about one million registered users every month.

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that recommends websites and web content for its users. It allows users to personalize the content they would like to be recommended.  It was started in 2001 by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd. In 2006 it received funding and in 2007 was sold to eBay for $75 million. But in 2009, the original creators bought it back.

When it was bought back from eBay, it has about 5.5 million users. Visibly, there has been a phenomenal increase in registered users.

Marc Leibowitz, VP of Business Development and Marketing said “For all intents and purposes this is a new company since the spin out from eBay. Virtually all of the 120 employees we have today have joined since then [when there were about 30 employees]”.

Republicans attempt to divert healthcare fund into student loans

The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives defied Obama lead Democrats to divert money from the health care sector to go towards low-interest rates for federal student loans.

On a mostly party-line vote of 215-195, the House sent the measure to the Senate where Obama’s Democrats are certain to reject it. Like Obama, they want to renew the low rate, but favor covering the one-year, $6 billion cost by ending a tax break for the rich.

As usual, the move has huge political connotations. Both parties are vying for votes from the youth community and hard working parents, who are trying to get their children through college.

Democrats and Republicans have until July 1 to find a widely anticipated compromise. That’s when the rate is set to double on Stafford loans to 6.8 percent for more than 7 million students. Thirty Republicans broke ranks and voted against the House bill after the Club for Growth, an influential conservative advocacy group, came out against it. Overall, 13 Democrats joined 202 Republicans in voting for the bill, while 165 Democrats and 30 Republicans and voted no. Obama cranked up pressure on Congress in recent weeks with visits to college campuses where he portrayed Republicans as unsympathetic to their plight.

Governor Scott’s executive order to drug test state employees ruled out

Governor Rick ScottLast year Governor Rick Scott had ordered for all state employees to go through drug tests, even if they weren’t suspected of drug use. The new hires were included too. He said it was similar to the financial disclosure that applies to some employees.

Ursula Ungaro, the district judge called his reasoning obscure. She said his motives are hardly transparent. She strongly feels that it violates the Fourth Amendment of search and seizure protections of the US Constitution.

When asked about her decision she said “He offers no plausible rationale explaining why the fact that a state employee’s work product and financial status are publicly accessible leads to the conclusions that the employee’s expectation of privacy in his or her bodily functions and fluids are then diminished”.

But Governor Scott, who has previous experience in the health care field, has his own reasons. He still believes that it is common sense to drug test state employees. He thinks this will one of the ways to ensure that the country will have safe, efficient and productive workforce. He also said “That is why so many private employers drug-test, and why the public and Florida’s taxpayers overwhelmingly support this policy. I respectfully disagree with the court’s ruling and will pursue the case on appeal”.

Olympics go on with or without Hunt!

Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt who runs the Department of Media, Olympics, Culture and Sport, also known slyly as the Ministry of Fun, has landed in a political scandal on whether he boosted Rupert Murdoch’s efforts to take over the broadcaster BskyB. The allegations surfaced this week after an enquiry into Britain’s scandal-obsessed press.

Ellis Cashmore, a professor of culture, media and sport at Staffordshire University said, “If he goes, there will be as much impact as dropping the sponge in the shower”. Hunt’s political aid and advisor resigned on Wednesday saying that he was responsible for the perception that Murdoch’s News Corp. had “too close a relationship” with Hunt’s department. He further added that he acted without Hunt’s authorization although it’s still not clear how an advisor could have acted so independently. However, if his resignation is enough or the scandal will lead to the conservative minister losing his job is yet to be seen. In any case observers say it’s going to have little impact on the Olympics, the reason for this being that most of the work related to the Olympics is being handled by the London Organizing Committee run by Sebastian Coe and Paul Deighton. Till now Hunt was protected by Olympics Minister Hugh Robertson, a former military officer, who faced the reporters to explain why taxpayers would have to pay millions of pounds more than planned to cover unexpected security costs. With all the preparations for the games done and dusted, the only big task that remained was security measures which anyway were never Hunt’s responsibility. Hunt, a man of immense ambition, absorbed the Olympics into his department so that when the games are over his department takes on the Olympics legacy. This could become touchy if the games exceed their 9.3 billion pound budget, on the other hand it could be a good thing if the games bring money into Britain. Officials want to use the Olympics as an opportunity to showcase their country and to attract business. This has become more critical due to the country slipping in to double-dip recession on Wednesday and the need for an economic bounce-back is extremely important.

Eating blueberries and strawberries staves off memory decline, study suggests

Blueberries and Strawberries are some of the fruits which are widely liked by people for their taste and aroma. Blueberries contain micronutrients and large amounts of Vitamins like Vitamin K, Vitaminb6 and Vitamin C. Whereas strawberry is a hybrid fruit which first came into existence when Fragariavirginiana(found in north America)  was crossed with Fragariachiloensis (brought from Chile).The result was the garden strawberry or commonly known  Strawberry. Blueberries are known to contain nutrients which have been proven to reduce risk of diseases like inflammation and cancer. They are used as major ingredients for preparation of medicines for the treatment of inflammation. Consumption of Blueberries also helps in maintaining blood pressure at normal levels and also for keeping a check on cholesterol levels. Strawberries contain abundance of vitamin C and are found to have a large number of nutrients which contains minerals, vitamins, lipids and amino acids.

Facebook steps up security for its users

Facebook has often received stick from various quarters for its lax security policies putting user information at risk. The social networking site to its credit has often chopped and changed its privacy and security policies to get it right; however in the public eye it still hasn’t done anything substantial to tackle the menace.

In a solid move towards stringer measures to beef up its security, Facebook has come out with its new move to partner with fellow Internet companies to provide enhanced security. The company is partnering with the likes of Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec to offer extra protection to what it already offers. The move is set to protect users from malicious URLs in addition to spam, phishing and viruses.

“Our URL blacklist system, which scans trillions of clicks per day, will now incorporate the malicious URL databases from these security companies to augment our existing level of protection,” an excerpt from the blog post by Facebook, which further adds “So whenever you click a link on our site, you benefit not just from Facebook’s existing protections, but the ongoing vigilance of the world’s leading corporations involved in computer security.”


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