The Influence of Entertainment

Today the masses are flocking to the movies and watching television and listening to musicians in order to eliminate boredom and illuminate their imagination.  The olden days are over where people looked to books or their family for guidance and self-realization.  Now, people who are searching for the meaning of life look to movie stars, television personalities, and musicians to show them what they don’t know and how to view the world properly.  Children look up to these celebrities and often imitate these fortunate entertainers (who make a bunch of money) wishing they could be just like them and basically these kids turn them into deities.

All movies have an underlying theme to them, something that they are trying to show the audience exists in everyday life and that they should leave the theatre’s being completely aware of.  It might take awhile but as soon as the climax hits them like a ton of bricks they truly understand what the director was trying to create: his or her unique perspective of human culture.

The President Backs Obamacare

The constitutionality of President Obama’s signature legislation the “Patient protection and Affordable Care Act” is being deliberated upon by the Supreme Court. Final arguments are to be heard by Wednesday and a verdict is expected in June, just in time to play a starring role in this year’s Presidential campaign. The Republicans are already scathing about the Act and have vowed to dismantle it if they were to come to power; this is an interesting about face for Mr. Romney as this Act has its origins in a law that he had passed as Governor of Massachusetts.

President Obama has recently stated that a rejection of this law would be an act of “Judicial Activism” and that it is not the place of the Justices of the Supreme Court to overturn a law that has been passed by elected representatives of the people. In a strongly worded statement the President reminded conservative commentators of their staunch opposition to what they see as Judicial overreach and a lack of judicial restraint.

Pay with a single click using Twitter or Facebook

A one click payment that uses social media login credentials to make payments is being tested by a major European media company. The inspiration behind such an idea was to make it easy for people to make minute or small scale payments, even in the range of 10 to 20 cents. The pay wall structure of online publishing houses can be bought down if the system comes into effect. For e.g. let’s say a user clicks on a link that interests him/her and leads to the article on the publisher’s website, however the article is behind a pay wall. In this scenario, one would have to miss out on reading the article or pay the subscription fee for the entire magazine. The proposed payment system will let you pay for this article alone in a single click by logging in through Facebook/Twitter.

Such a shrewd business idea can help online publishers, media companies, low-priced goods and service companies flourish. The system has been developed by a start-up company in Belgium. The company named Paycento will offer both small payment services as well as large scale.


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