Beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii is the northern most island group of the Polynesian archipelago and is known for its beautiful sceneries and picturesque locations and also has a climate which makes it the most suitable locations for a perfect holiday. It has abundance of locations and landscapes which lure people from around the world to take a break from their hectic lives and holiday here. There are a lot of public beaches which attract people to spend some quality time and have loads of fun. Every single beach in Hawaii has a uniqueness about itself. Some beaches are located in remote and isolated places of the islands with undisturbed and tranquil surroundings which is excellent for people to rejuvenate from their strenuous lives.

Race for Prime Time

September will see the launch of 4 new daytime talk shows on the same day compelling producers to find new and innovative ways of engaging the audiences. It’s been more than a year since Oprah Winfrey’s show is off the air giving new and fresh faces a chance to become best friend to millions of female viewers. Ricki Lake, Katie Couric, Jeff Probst (survivor host) and comedian Steve Harvey will kick off their shows on September 10 spanning a female dominated market for chat, lifestyle, health and cooking.

Ricki, 43 and mother of two is a household name in America who previously hosted a talk show in 1993 at age 23 which lasted 11 seasons. Also a movie actress Ricki was a finalist in ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in Fall 2011 but producers aren’t taking for granted the fact that her celebrity status will lure audiences in the fragmented media market where loyalty is earned everyday. In March the live interactive production meetings for the show were launched where members of the audience interacted directed with Lake and the production staff. The next meeting is scheduled for May 31st and will be shown on Facebook through the page as the show’s page jumped from 10,000 likes to 73,000 likes after the first meeting. Also this week the digital magazine for the show will be launched which will have parenting, fashion and fitness advice in addition to an article where Lake tells the readers about her decision to elope with husband Christian Evans in April. The cover photo was chosen by the public and the magazine can be downloaded for free through iTunes, Google Play and Brown said, “We are launching this show in a completely different way, we want the show to be a conversation, not a presentation. We believe women love talking and sharing ideas and experiences and stories.”

Return of the Jack

You don’t know Jack is back. The classic trivia game is back and is live on Facebook. It was launched last Tuesday as an online game. Jellyvision has created a new version of the game and its all social this time. It will be a freemium style game and will pit social networking user scores against each other.

Friends can play against each other or they can play to beat their friend’s score in a previous game. During each game, you can see what you have scored and where you are placed. The meaningless trivia game is one of the few ‘social’ games of the social networking era.

Every player can play one free game every day. If you play well, you might get another game for free. After that, you can play more games by paying something about 30 to 40 cents per game.

The irrelevant trivia game will have you hooked to it in no time. Each game will have five questions. They could be questions asking you to match a word with another, gibberish rhyming or even multiple choice trivia questions that needs twisted understanding.

A dramatic jump in the cost of Health Care Services

The cost of health care services in the United States is expected to increase by 7.5% in the year-2013 but may lower to 5.5% when changes in the insurance benefits such as co-payments and higher deductibles are taken into account. This rise is about three times the projected rates for economic growth and inflation. These figures are based on the annual industry report released by the professional service firm PricewaterhouseCoopers or PwC on the nation’s medical cost trend. The current U.S annual rate of inflation rate is 2.3 percent.

The health care cost trends are quite important for the government, employers and the consumers as the rate of insurance premiums depends upon the inflationary trends that gets projected in the various health service sectors. Even the government gets stirred up by the cost trends that backfire in the form of large scale increase in the health care programs in the form of Medicare (Social Insurance program for the elderly and the disabled) and Medicaid (Social welfare/protection program) that may in turn have a big impact on the government’s budget deficit.

The PwC’s Health Research Institute observes that the data for the past three years do indicate an extended slow down in the healthcare inflation from the earlier decades when annual costs rose by double digits. It further states that the annual cost increase is less than 8% for four years in a row.

Serena Williams has lost to world number 111

Fifth seed Serena Williams has lost to world number 111, Virginie Razzano in of French Open at The Roland Garros, Paris. She suffered a dramatic 4-6 7-6 (7-5) 6-3 loss against the world number 111 from France in the first round. This is the first time that the 2002 champion has lost in the first round of a Grand Slam event. Speaking after the match she said, “There is no excuse, I made so many errors today. I just didn’t play at all. I just felt I couldn’t get a ball in play. When I did, I just felt like I was hitting late and, I mean, how can you hit late on a clay court? I was definitely nervous, which I think is healthy but there are no excuses”.

Williams was expected to meet Sharapova at the quarter final stage and was at the top of Sharapova section of the draw but the 30 year old lost the 5-1 lead opportunity in the second tie-break and lost in three hours, three minutes. And having lost six points in succession in the tie-break she conceded in the deciding set. Sharapova seeded second who has never reached the final of the event beat Alexandra Cadantu 6-0 6-0 in 48 minutes. Razzano struggled with cramps and lost three games in a row but in the 25-minute decider containing 12 deuces she finally got a breakthrough on her 8th match point. An ecstatic Razzano at the end of the match thanked the home support and said, “You gave me your energy. I’m going to have to rest. Thank you all for your support, I knew I had it in me and I dug deep inside myself to find it”.

The Biebs low on battery!

Justin Bieber has landed himself in a soup as his battery case against a paparazzo could be sent to the prosecutors. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said, “Nothing has been presented yet, but there is a possibility it will be”. The Biebs might end up in court if the police decide to refer his case of criminal battery for possible criminal prosecution.

The spokesperson Shiara Davila Morales from D.A’s office told MTV News on Tuesday that nothing is presented yet but that doesn’t mean that action won’t be taken. TMZ also reported that the case will be referred for possible prosecution. The site reports according to unnamed sources that the police investigating the case have decided to refer it to the prosecutors although they are still in the middle of investigations. Allegedly Justin Bieber was involved in a fight with a paparazzo whose identity has not been revealed on Sunday afternoon in a mall in Calabasas, California. The police are interviewing the witnesses and are eager to interview the 18 year old pop star who is away for his promotional campaign in Norway. Lieutenant Margarito Robles of the L.A County Sheriff’s Department told MTV News that there’s no update on the case as of now but a large percentage of such cases are referred to the D.A where the prosecutors decide on how to proceed. Bieber is a suspect as he got into a fight with the photographer who was trying repeatedly to get a shot of him. The photographer called 911 but till the police reached the scene Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez had left. The photographer was taken to a local hospital after he complained of pain in his upper torso and was later discharged. He later filed a police report which is being investigated as a misdemeanor battery case. It is not clear as to what injuries the paparazzo suffered and what took place during the incident.

Google promises an updated experience with their Chrome OS computers

Google recently released a set of laptops and PCs that run on Google Chrome Operating system. These systems are chrome based and run their applications through Chrome and store their data online. Google came out and told the World that this is the next big step in computing and this is the future. But there was criticism that these models were underpowered.

Google has announced that the software updates has made the computers much faster. They now run about three times faster.  The updates will also enhance the Graphic Processing Units (GPU) and JavaScript. What makes these computers more desirable is that Google is coming up with a Google Drive cloud storage device. This will not only make maintaining documents easier but will also enable the users to manage their documents even when they are not online. When the internet connection is back on, the files will automatically get synchronized. This could be in response to the criticism regarding the limited use of these computers when the users were not online.

Google says – the strong points of these computers are that these computers need virtually no administration as the user files are all stored in the cloud, Google takes care of the system updates and there is built-in protection against virus.

Uncle Tom’s Shade

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The first advertiser campaign opens up in Pinterest

The first advertisement campaigns opens up on Friday on Women’s Health Magazine through its website Pinterest. There were numerous contests held in the past on Pinterest but not on behalf of another advertiser. The magazine is inviting the readers to participate in this contest by creating “Sparkling Summer” Pinterest boards that is integrated with the images from the advertiser – Forevermark Diamonds.

The participants of this contest are eligible for a trip to a Woman’s Health Party in the Hamptons during the summer. The emergence of Social Media has created ripples in the advertising sector. Most of the advertisers find social media as a difficult territory to enter into.  There is negative criticism from the followers and fans on the aspects of the vociferous sponsored messages that appear in the other media such as radio and print media.

Majority of social media accounts rests with the editorial department of the magazines who use these social media accounts for building up their audiences and driving up traffic to their websites. Women Health magazine believes that the social media campaign related with the contest is enough to counterbalance the appearance of sponsored content in the news feed of their Pinerest fans. The offer prizing will definitely create a fruitful experience related with Women’s Health magazine that is very much alive to the audiences.

Coronado Beach Nation’s Best

Coronado BeachThe Coronado beach in California has been named the nation’s best beach in a survey. The 1.5 mile long beach glitters like a Hollywood star because of the mineral mica shining in its sand. However its just one of the reasons that the beach has been named no.1 in the U.S in 2012 by a survey conducted by professor Stephen P. Leatherman of Florida International University, who is also notoriously called ‘Dr. Beach’. The list is in its 22nd year and the beaches do not pay to be evaluated, Leatherman said that he visits the top 10 candidates anonymously to collect samples for his study.

Leatherman has been ranking beaches in the United States on the basis of their environmental quality and safety for swimmers. It’s the first time that California’s Coronado beach has been given the top spot in more than two decades. It lies on a peninsula across the bay from San Diego and has perfect weather and postcard scenery. “I think it’s one of the most super beaches around”, said Leatherman, director of Florida International University’s Laboratory for Coastal Research. The top 10 spots this year were taken by Kohanamoku beach in Honolulu at no.2, Main beach in East Hampton, NY at no.3, St. George island state park in Florida at no.4, Hamoa beach in Hawaii at no.5, coast guard beach in Massachusetts at no.6, Waimanalo bay beach park in Hawaii at no.7, Cape Florida state park near Miami at no.8, Beachwalker park in South Carolina at no.9 and Cape Hatteras in North Carolina at no.10. The beaches are ranked on 50 criteria which include the look and feel of sand, water quality, weather, facilities and crowd, and the top score is 250. Coronado scored in the 230’s and lost points due to the water temperature as it only allows for a quick dip. The beaches in California’s chilly coastal region have lost points to the more balmy contenders in Florida and Hawaii. Coronado was a runner-up last year to Florida’s Siesta beach. Also once a beach tops the list it’s retired from consideration in future rankings and a no.1 spot on the list means a 15 to 20 percent increase in visitors.


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