People From Broken Homes

People from broken homes; wind up as orphans suffering in steeples parading around as two chromosomes: Batman or Jokers.  Either way they are in a pickle, forced to wander in wolf-packs or revert to living as hip-hop hood rats hungry to stay on course of their ambitions, which will have its highs and lows but eventually lead to their shameful cries and vengeful acts against their foes.  Whether these orphans want to love or hate, adore a lord above or meet a hellish fate it isultimatelya decision process that is a wretched division that can’t be seen because of the Illuminati’s smoke screen.

Bill O’Reilly is a perfect example who I used to regard highly, but now shudder watching a spin master at work with eyes of a serpent down under, ACTING as someone who is objective but in reality BACKING a atheist agenda to never surrender to the scriptures and instead get richer off of his on literature; whoa nelly, we can’t foolishly allow this monster to foster elitism and pleasantly dismantle a street fame’s candle feeding a pig’s belly (Barack Obama).  When are we as Christians going to provide assistance that can prevent our ill castaways from ever letting out a yelp again whining that they have been forsaken when in reality the rich just haven’t been awaken by the Holy Ghost.  These fat cats boast and sit back smiling as the homeless youth drown in a violent, bloody battlefield and to make matters worse we the audience are crowning journalist’sachievements and turning a blind eye on those bereft angels who want to die; what a bereavement for the ghettos across the world!

Veteran of Enlightement

Gregarious consumers rattle the enlightened and are notorious losers who will never be knighted by Arthur’s sword.  Enters a stern dragon’s unwritten letters that burns the bandwagon of Buddha’s transgressors!  A monk’s flows will get it truly crunk and dispose of these bimbos like Rick Ross and Justin Bieber, who usher a spiritual fever in the Eastern World.  Hollywood’s disposable art breaks Buddha’s misunderstood heart; Vedic disciples should be very heated that their Siddhartha has a headache due to his rivals that wanted him deseeded.  It is criminal that Hollywood is so cynical exiling this aspiring Robin Hood, defiling hiswisdom leaving him frying in Barack Obama’s kingdom.

Americans bark and want Buddha to be a dark demon, a rotten centurion who frolics in an incredulous sodomy as a heathen; the US government is overzealous about his damnation because he has an infatuation to liberate everybody from Christian conspiracy and provide derision about parental heresy.  Entertainers and politicians are tied together in secrecy, and we are the spectators that yearn for Buddha’s fruition to fetter in the hell of sexual parody.Why are we erecting the pillar of the outlandish, disrespecting a caterpillar that has beenbanished?We need this butterfly to take flight, not bleed just because he aims to defy celebrities who bite at the lord’s principles.  Buddha never had the nerve to sound like a reverend, and now the weather serves to clown on Christian’s version of heaven.

Avengers at Midnight!

The summer movie season started with a bang with the ‘Avengers’ flexing their muscles at the midnight box office. ‘The Avengers’ a superhero movie mash-up of Marvel comic characters was released in U.S and Canadian midnight screenings on Friday, earning $18.7 million in weekend sales.

According to the, the film a Walt Disney Company unit Marvel Studios, is the second-highest midnight debut for a non-sequel film coming in about $1 million short of the March 2012 total for ‘The Hunger Games’ at $19.74 million. ‘The Avengers’, ranked 8th in the list of all-time best midnight openings behind several ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’ franchise films. The best midnight debut belongs to ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 2’, the final movie in the franchised raked in $43.5 million in its midnight debut last year. ‘Avengers’ also includes a star studded cast such as Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. in which Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America and Black Widow among others band together to fight evil on earth. ‘The Avengers’ debut kicks of four-months of movie going filled with special effects, sci-fi, adventure, comedy and big-name Hollywood stars meant to attract younger audiences that are out of school for summer. This season can bring in as much as 40%of annual movie ticket sales in the U.S and Canada.  After just 9 days in theaters, ‘The Avengers’ has already shown its advantage of superhero status to a massive box-office in international markets. The ticket sales reached $304 million starting Friday morning, Disney said, surpassing total overseas earnings for ‘Captain America’, the first ‘Iron-Man’ and ‘Thor’. The intense international demand is responsible for the boosted forecasts for opening weekend in the U.S and Canadian sales.

It’s curtains down for Mr. Rivera. OR is it?

Mariano RiveraNew York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera’s ACL tear while fielding fly balls during practice before the Yankees-Royals game has come has a huge let down to all baseball fans and Yankees fans in particular. Rivera at 42 had indicated that this might be his final season and with a registered record of 608 career saves he is a pleasure to watch on the field.

Joe Girardi speaking on Thursday after the game, which New York lost 3-4, in Kansas City said that what they had previously thought was a strained knee, was diagnosed as an ACL or anterior cruciate ligament tear through an MRI exam.

Loosing such a charismatic and skilled player to injury is always a disappointment, but that has been made doubly sad as this may be Mr. Rivera’s last season. Mr. Rivera has indicated that he will fight this injury and make a comeback saying that he would not like the last image of his on the field to have been one writhing in pain, but an injury like an ACL tear is not easy to mend and requires weeks of post operative rehabilitation.


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