Family Matters

Broken Christian families need witty repair, a token of friction to whammies that read a Trinity’s care.  The present inferno in unfortunate souls is the unpleasantblow of mordant moles: ATHEISTS.  Capitalizing on biblical innuendo is the erotic seizure of parents by tantalizing a critical low that bears chaotic leaders: PARROTS.  The squawk of their subliminal undertaking is their balk to the hymnal, forsaking the torn Samaritan.  Its audacity isthe allure of dark venom, cysts in a body of legality that spark the tour of requiem.  Pro-typical governments elope domestic values as their political servants gropea heretic “to-do list.”  They rile upthose who yearn for God’s scriptural representation, an exile that crows and churns literal demonization of the Bible.  This secretary is an agent of terrorism, a ferry to a blatant idealism of kingship.  A dreamed peace in households is wickedly creamed to police the fold of divinity.  At the dinner table’s discussion parents should bat the sinner whose fables, seduction and carrots are criminal.

This bed of caterpillars sprawl from the X generation’s play are not butterflies unfortunately; instead a solicitor’s crawl towards checks of deprecation, a way to chastise Christianity.  Curses in a Churchlob at booths’providence to the sign of revelations are hearses of verses that lurch a slob for our youths’ disobedience to God’s divine relations.  Brash and opinionated sermons pollute domesticity, a trash of fornicated burden that toots unaccountability tothe Trinity.  The consequences are one’s Holy Ghost that creams this plight and flutter, a knight that possesses and grossly coats dreams in utter spite of dictatorship.  A nightmare that power embeds tyrannically haunts prayer as a chair that now towers over the FEDS blasphemy and taunts their unfair practices.  Complex challenges are this spirit’s checks and balances!

Cannes film festivals hits off!

The Cannes film festival has started with a bang and the French Riviera is abuzz with excitement and glamour with a-list celebrities and directors gracing the red carpet. The cold and wet weather has done little to dampen the spirits as the picky critics and journalists interview everyone from famous celebrities to the obscure auteur directors. There’s a string of hit movies in the official lineup, a procession of stars on the red carpet and many eagerly awaited titles to come.

There are plenty of distractions such as parties, stunts and big movie deals for the 4000 strong media presence however the highlight of the festival is the main competition with 22 movies in the lineup featuring a strong U.S presence. The festival hit the halfway mark on Monday May 21 and the two European filmmakers who also previously won the coveted Palm D’or for best picture have set the pace in Cannes. Austrian director Micheal Haneke who won in 2009 for his film ‘The White Ribbon’ has done it again this year by wowing the audiences with his film ‘Amour’, a French film about an elderly couple facing death. The critics gave it a five-star reception for its portrayal of a woman’s illness and how the couple copes in the final weeks of her death.

Cameron defends outspoken approach to Eurozone debt

The prime minister of U.K has defended is increasingly vocal approach to the Eurozone crisis and said that it would be more dangerous not to speak out. Speaking at the NATO summit held in Chicago on May 20th and 21st Mr. David Cameron said that his contributions have been constructive and in Britain’s national interest.

He has warned Eurozone leaders and told them to draw up proper contingency plans in order to break up the single currency. He also alerted the Greek voters that their elections which are going to be held next month are a referendum on euro membership. At the summit he said that the problems faced in the Eurozone matter to the United Kingdom and that being silent on the problems would be more dangerous as they need to be resolved. He further added that he commends the steps that have been taken to make the economies more competitive and address the issues, to make them stronger by building firewalls and by recapitalizing the banks yet there’s more to be done to decisively resolve the crisis. He argues that the British contribution to the debate has been very constructive and that they have been involved in the problem solving process and not turned their back on the crisis. he said, “We have consistently set out the things that we think need to be done, whether that is firewalls, bank recapitalization, a more active policy on behalf of the ECB looking towards Eurobonds for the future. These are important points.

Rerelease of Michael Jackson’s -Bad Album -Immortalizing 25 years of its existence

Michael Jackson, the king of Pop- will return back this September through his album Bad with a new music and a new concert video that was not seen before and this rerelease will mark the 25th anniversary of the original- Grammy award winning album– BAD.

The Bad 25 deluxe package will be released on 25th September consisting of new songs that were recorded in the Jackson’s studio while making the album. This package will also include the DVD of Jackson’s performance for British Prince Charles and Lady Diana at the London’s Wembley stadium in London in 1988 in front of 72,000 fans. The video was found in the singer’s personal collection and is considered to be the only copy of the performance that was especially taped for Jackson’s own use.

The “Bad” Album is the winner of two Grammy awards and sold more than forty-five million copies globally. The hits of Bad include – “Dirty Diana”, “Smooth Criminal”, and the title track of the Album –“Bad”. This album in fact marks collaboration of famous Motown producer Quincy Jones, who steered the production responsibilities of Jackson’s solo album named- Off The Wall- and the hit album – Thriller- that raked in a huge popularity globally.

Studies find food fortified with folic acid do reduce some childhood cancers

Recent studies do indicate that foods that are rich in folic acid or fortified with folic acid may reduce the incidences of some types of brain tumors and most common types of kidney cancer in children. Foods rich in folic acid may help in reducing the occurrence of Wilms’
and primitive neuroectodermal tumors or PNET in children.

Folic Acid or folate or Vitamin-B9 is usually found in beans, grains, green vegetables and fortified breakfast cereals. Folic acid helps the body in maintaining and building DNA thereby helping the body in building new red blood cells or RBC’s. Deficiency of folic acid in the blood is linked with the occurrence of colorectal cancer, certain birth defects and other types of cancer.

This new study was carried out by the Kimberly J. Johnson – Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis and Amy Linabery – Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Minnesota. The study was based after examining the information from the nine registries in the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) data base program that was established by the National Cancer Institute and the database used by the researchers is from 1986 to 2008.

Robotic fish – on a hunting spree for sea pollutants

A new robotic technology was unveiled by a team of developers in the form of robotic fish that will help in detecting the pollution in the seas and oceans thereby reducing the detection time from weeks to just a few seconds. The robotic fish is developed by the European scientists in a laboratory and a final test was conducted in the sea at the northern Spanish port of Gijon.

This invention is hoped to make waves in the field of marine biology and oceanography and in reducing the impact of sea pollutants over a period of time. The robotic fish will also prove to be a boon for underwater security, cleaning up of oil spills, and search cum rescue operations in seas, oceans and also monitoring of various activities concerned with marine life.

This robotic fish measures 5 feet long (1.5 meters) and the current price tag is fixed at $31,600 or £ 20,000 each. This robotic fish swims like a real fish and are fitted with electronic and chemical sensors in order to detect underwater pollutants that are leaking from undersea pipelines or ships. These robotic fish can work as a team with good coordination by transmitting their readings back to the shore stations that are located one kilometer away.


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