Sneak-peek at the Olympic cuisine!

The focus of the entire world this summer is on London with the Olympics set to take place in the British capital and it’s finally time for the city’s food to grab all the attention. The city will pleasantly surprise the visitors to the 2012 London Olympics as pubs all over the city are set to serve up sumptuous dishes. The London Organizing Committee of Food and Games has released the menu of food and beverages to be sold at the Olympic venues and since visitors will be pouring in from all over the world the LOCOG is hoping to please everyone’s  palette by serving both British and international cuisine. And it’s not only the LOCOG that’s geared up for the games but the local pubs across the city are getting in the Olympic spirit and ready to serve up lip-smacking fare.

The Blackbird pub is preparing for the masses as an estimated 50,000 fans are expected daily for the Olympic indoor volley ball competition at nearby Earl Court. The Blackbird pub which is a part of the Fuller independent brewery and pub family is known among the local for its food. With the focus being on English food, items such as meat pies and fish and chips are expected to be most popular and the country’s famous English ale is also expected to be a hot favorite amongst visitors specially the Fuller label’s ‘London Pride’. Most pubs will follow Blackbird’s lead but other gastro pubs such as Betjemen Arms are looking to elevate the typical pub experience. It’s located across from Eurostar platform at the St. Pancras International train station in Central London and although it won’t be getting much foot traffic, it will be loaded with domestic and international travelers in need of catching a bite while watching the latest Olympic events. For this purpose the pub interiors have been rearranged and the menu has also been changed a little to focus on using the best local ingredients available and to provide the ultimate Olympic viewing experience.

The pub is giving the Olympics an air of sophistication with reasonably priced canapé boards and three course price fixed menu. Also with the direct train from London to the Olympic park in Stratford just outside the pub’s door, the pub has an advantageous location.

Justin Bieber is back with “Believe”

The runaway pop sensation Justin Bieber is back with his new album, supposedly revealing a grown up side to the young singer. Beiber has gained a mass following across the World with his baby like charm and innocent love songs.

The new album is a sequel to his debut album “My World 2.0” – the album is also keenly followed by the music industry to figure out if the teen who found fame as a YouTube star is just a flash in the pan or if he’s here to stay.

Bieber was discovered as a thirteen year old kid with the talent to sing. Over the years, his popularity has grown immensely and has risen to be one of the prominent teen idols of the last decade. His popularity can be easily deciphered by his 23 million Twitter followers and the 44 million fans on Facebook. However, with stardom comes the added pressure of the paparazzi – that too at young age. He has quite literally grown under the public eye.

His personal relationship with 19-year old Disney channel star Selena Gomez has been widely reported and written about. If the constant scrutiny was not enough, then came the allegation that he had fathered a child of 20-year Mariah Yeater, who alleges that the incident occurred backstage during a show. Bieber has however vehemently rejected the allegation and gone to court.

Discovery of the world’s oldest natural pearl in Arabia

The world’s oldest natural pearl has been discovered by French researchers at the Laboratoire Archeologies ET Sciences De L’Antiquite (ARSCAN) (CNRS) which is believed to be originated between 5547 and 5235 BC. This pearl was discovered in the Emirate of Umm al Quwain, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Until now researchers along with the jewelers and gemologists has believed that the oldest pearl in the world is the 5000 year old (dates back to 3000 B.C.)Jomon Pearl. This pearl was discovered from prehistoric site in Japan.

However, with this finding and previous discoveries of natural pearls on the south-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula proved that the earliest pearl oyster fishing took place in this part of the region. This newly discovered oldest pearl which is about 7500 years old, measures 0.07 inches in diameter and is just the last of the series that were unearthed at the archeological sites in the Arabian Peninsula.

Researchers and archeologists until now have unearthed a total of 101 Neolithic pearls that included the large pearl oyster species named Pinctada margaritifera to the smallest pearl oysters species that were much easier to collect and were named Pinctada radiata. Researchers are of the opinion that the presence of the natural pearls at many of the Neolithic sites in the Arabian Peninsula establishes the fact that they were collected not only in the Persian Gulf but also along the shores of the Indian Ocean that included the Sea of Oman and Arabian Sea off the coast of Oman.

The London 2012 Festival to begin with full gaiety on Thursday

The much-awaited London 2012 Festival is going to open up on Thursday 21stJune. This cultural celebration across Britain co-occurs with the Olympics and the event can be visualized through London 2012 Live Sites with big screens in 22 towns and cities across the United Kingdom. The London-2012 festival will also display films in order to mark the first day of the UK-wide celebrations that will entertain thousands of people throughout the day. The opening event on Thursday will have a firework display in the sky above Lake Windermere and that will include an inflatable replica of the Stonehenge by artist Jeremy Deller in Carmarthen. The other events will take place in Londonderry, Birmingham, and Stirling.

The opening day of the festival, (21 June) will reach its climax with live BBC broadcast on the big screens, the Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela concert from Stirling at 7:30 pm. The organizers of this festival had revealed that about half of the event’s four million paid for tickets were sold and another 2.3 million tickets out of the total 10 million tickets have been grabbed up for this 12-week festival. The Cultural Secretary of the event Mr. Jeremy Hunt said that the cost to organize this festival is around 55 million pounds ($86 million) and it is a great chance to highlight Britain’s rich cultural heritage. He hoped to raise public awareness about thousands of events happening around the country as the excitement is building up ahead of the July-27 –August 12 Olympics games.

There are more than 130 events that are going to happen during the opening weekend in which more twenty five thousand artists from all 204 Olympic nations taking part over this 12-week festival which is deemed to be the climax to the four-year Cultural Olympiad. It is estimated that more than two million people have already bought tickets for the event of London-2012 Festival and for other countdown events such as the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.


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