Michael Jackson Kith and Kin watches the Unity Tour

The pop icon Michael Jackson’s children, Prince Michael aged – 15, Paris aged – 14 and ten years old Prince Michael – II went to see the concert of Jackson Brothers  aptly title – “Unity Tour” in Saratoga, California. In spite of the dispute over the custody of the Michael Jackson’s kids between the Jackson family, matriarch Katherine Jackson and the kids of Michael Jackson there seemed unity among the family members of Michael Jackson.  The grand mother of Michael Jackson has temporarily lost the custody of the kids last week following her mysterious holiday to Arizona.

Katherine Jackson received a standing ovation from the crowd when she was spotted entering the concert. Jermaine Jackson announced at the concert that the Jackson family is one and united and they are one family and will heal soon. The children were saddened over their grand mother – Katherine Jackson reported to be missing over for a number of days and they had not spoken to her all these missing days. The kids were then put under the guardianship of Michael’s nephew TJ who is the son of Tito Jackson in the absence of Katherine.

During the Jacksons’s time in Arizona, Katherine reportedly had no communication with her grandchildren.  But, later on she claimed that she had taken the break voluntarily and therefore had cut off all her contacts.  But now it seems that the story has more twists and turns as on Friday, Katherine’s attorney Perry Sanders said in a statement to ABC News that the 82 year old- venerated old woman and her grand son TJ will file a petition at the beginning of this week asking the court to reinstate Katherine as the guardian and appoint TJ as co-guardian of Michael Jackson’s kids.

Fight against HIV empowers the sex workers for social reforms

The fight against HIV has laid a way for much wider social reforms in India. An observation made by Mr. Prasada Rao who is the UN secretary general’s new envoy for Aids in the Asia Pacific region has ruled that the HIV epidemic has forced the Indian government to begin talking with those communities that were marginalized a few decades back. He further said that before the advent of HIV nobody ever cared for or thought of about these groups that consists of sex workers, MSM (Men having sex with men) and transgender population.

Mr. Prasada Rao has in the past made his first trip to a brothel in Mumbai as the head of the India’s National Aids Control Organisation in the late 1990’s. At that time he observed that there was no self confidence in these groups as of now seen. HIV in an indirect way has contributed in empowering these social groups. Hundreds of sex workers from around the world have attended the alternative summit known as “sex workers freedom festival” this week in Kolkata in response to US visa restrictions that prevented them traveling to the International Aids Conference or IAC being held in Washington DC.

Halle Berry admitted to hospital for a minor head injury

Halle Berry the Oscar-winning American actress suffered a minor head injury while shooting for a movie fight sequence. She was immediately treated at the Los Angeles hospital and released a short time later as per her publicist Meredith O’Sullivan. The 45-years old actresses suffered an injury on the set of the upcoming movie “The Hive”. “The Hive” is a thriller movie that is being directed by the Brad Anderson co- starring Abigail Breslin and David Otunga.

An ambulance took Halle Berry from the sets in central Los Angeles to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Halle Berry won an Academy for Best Actress and was nominated for the BAFTA Award in 2001 for her performance in the Monster’s Ball. She is one of the highly paid actresses in Hollywood and is also involved in the production side of several of the films in which she performed.

Halle Berry is also a model to Revlon. Prior to this accident, Halle Berry sustained slight injury during the shooting of 2004 film “Cat woman” when she hit her head on the lights on the sets but was not seriously injured. Before becoming an actress, Berry had participated in several beauty contests and she finished as first runner up in the Miss USA Pageant during the year- 1986. She also participated in the Miss World Pageant in 1986 and got sixth place.

Bale recounts life as Batman

This weekend is one of the most significant weekends in actor Christian Bale’s life. As the world waits eagerly to catch the final movie of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, for Bale it’s the release of the final movie of the trilogy that changed his life and gave a new level to his career.

“I’m real proud of having achieved what we had set out to do. It was a very important moment for me. It was an important character” Bale said.

Christian Bale started his career in the late 1980s and has done tremendous work till date. Bale has done noteworthy work like The Machinist, American Psycho, The Fighter, The Prestige and many more that established him as one of the most talented actors in the industry. He even won the Academy award for his performance in the supporting role in The Fighter. But it was his performance as Batman that sealed his status as one of the most important leading actors in the past decade.

Mosquito gut becomes a potential ground for fighting malaria

A recent study carried on by U.S. researchers suggests that genetically modified bacteria could fight malaria from inside the mosquitoes. The symbiotic bacteria that reside in the gut of the mosquito known as Pantoea agglomerans can be genetically modified to secrete “anti malaria effector molecules” that are toxic to the malarial parasite. The researchers already knew that the most vulnerable stage of development of Plasmodium – the mosquito parasite that causes malaria, occurs in the lumen of the mid gut in the mosquito and these parasites live along with these symbiotic bacteria. Modification of these symbiotic bacteria does not result in any harm to humans or mosquitoes.

The study was carried on by the senior author Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena, a professor with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore – Maryland. Previously, Marcelo Jacobs- Lorena produced mosquitoes that generated their own antimalarial peptides also known as Malaria-Resistant Mosquitoes in a work that appeared in Nature.

However, this approach has been found difficult to be implemented in field even though it seemed promising in the lab. Now Jacobs and his team had taken a different approach. Instead of manipulating mosquitoes directly, they have focused on the bacteria that live symbiotically in the mosquito gut and modified them to produce compounds that interfere with the parasites development. The next step involves testing this approach in a real world environment. Researchers are still finding ways to figure out how they may introduce genetically engineered bacteria in the field.

Amazing facts about Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer – the new and dynamic CEO of Yahoo was Google’s first female engineer and was its twentieth employee when she joined the company in the year-1999. She is currently the fifth CEO of Yahoo, the struggling internet company. She is one of the few small groups of female chiefs in the Silicon Valley. Monday’s announcement of her appointment as a CEO created ripples in the world of technology and people were surprised about the exit of Mayer from Google and landing at Yahoo as its CEO. Some of the amazing facts that can be told about Marissa Mayer are:

  • She’s Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women and has been profiled by numerous other business magazines for her track record of innovations.
  • She’s responsible for the clean look of the Google’s home page with plenty of white space and a single search bar in the center and has also overseen the development and launching of several of the Google’s iconic products.
  • Mayer specializes in artificial intelligence with Bachelor’s and Master Degrees from Stanford University. Mayer focused on artificial intelligence that has become a core area of focus for Google. She also holds several patents in Artificial Intelligence and Interface design.

The woman who stood against the powers of Penn State way

Vicky Triponey – the sole  woman who as a Vice President over saw the student discipline has to quit from her post five years back as she experienced the first hand snobbish outlook, the brute work force culture, the secluded existence and a sense of entitlement. She was told that she was too confrontational, aggressive and does not fit within the culture of Penn State.  She often clashed with the former and late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno over the person responsible for disciplining the football players when they got into trouble. This conflict with such an iconic figure made her quite unpopular within the campus and almost ended her thirty years of academic career.

The latest Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, the findings of which were carried on by the special investigator, concluding that the late football coach and other top Penn State administrators had concealed Sandusky’s abuse to shield the University from bad publicity may have brought in a feeling of exoneration, self satisfaction for any other person. But Tirponey otherwise had a deep sense of sadness.

The inquiry was commissioned by the board of trustees by hiring the former FBI Director – Louis Freeh. This inquiry exposed how the personal failings of Joe Paterno and three other Penn State leaders along with the university’s football culture empowered and allowed an assistant football coach to molest fatherless boys.  Triponey agreed with the Freeh’s suggestion that the university’s trustees had leaded an effort to vigorously examine and understand the Penn State’s culture.

Tiger Woods unable to explain the ups and downs of his golf career

Tiger Woods has finally lost the title of world’s best paid athlete and also dropped to third spot. While fellow golfer Phil Mickelson is ranked World No.2.Tiger Woods was unable explain why his golf career is on a roller coaster ride this season that had won him three events more than any player this year. The three times champion openly admitted that the depth in golf is greater now than ever before and that meant that more golfers have a chance to win a major. Winning a major is much difficult as seen from the fact that the last 15 majors had fifteen different winners.

Tiger Woods will tee off on Thursday at 4:26 a.m. EST in the British Open at the Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club where he will get another chance to pick up his 15th major championship. He has not won a major since 2008 U.S Open at Torrey Pines but he says that he is not anxious of winning another title. Tiger Woods fondly remembers the events when he played at Royal Lytham & St. Annes golf course way back in 1996 and in 2001. He scored T21 in 1996 and at that time was considered as a low amateur but he scored T25 when he played for the Open Championship in the year-2001. While playing for the 1996 Open Championships, Tiger Woods realized that he is now ready for the PGA tour.

Getting ready for election 2012

Ahead of the 2012 presidential elections, American politics is already experiencing a little pressure with the candidates of the upcoming election trying to take the first spot in the public eyes. The United States presidential elections are to be held on Tuesday the 6th of November of this year. The pressure of the elections and its outcome is building up on the competitors; Barack Obama is being challenged by Mitt Romney who is the former governor of Massachusetts. The others comprise of Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson who is also the former governor of New Mexico.

The first sign of the pressure building up was seen when Mitt Romney criticized president Obama’s comments to the business owners. The current US president is believed to have said that the business owners of America owe their success to the support extended by the US government to them. He also talked about the increase in the tax payable by them towards the government. He said that some part of appreciation of the success of the business owners should also be given to the government for its efforts. Mitt Romney supporting the entrepreneurs criticized the President saying that these people work hard and relentlessly for the nation’s growth and are the backbone of the country.

Woods to tee off with Garcia and Rose at British Open

Tiger Woods will partner Spain’s Sergio Garcia and England’s Justin Rose in the first and second rounds of the upcoming British Open. The American Golf great will kick off his campaign with Rose and Garcia at 9:42am local time on Thursday in round one at Royal Lytham and at 2:43pm on Friday.

Tiger is chasing his fifteenth major and is in pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ 18 majors. The men that will stroll the course along with Woods however have not won any majors as yet. They are still expected to draw the crowds at the par-70 Lancashire layout because of Woods and several other prominent groups nearby.

Defending champion Darren Clarke of Northern Ireland will tee off with Zach Johnson of the United States and South Africa’s Ernie Els at 9:09 am on Thursday. They are scheduled to be three groups behind Woods and company.

England’s World No 2 Lee Westwood, Bubba Watson of the United States and Japan’s Yoshinori Fujimoto will tee off right after Clarke’s group. Westwood is chasing his first major and has impressed one and all with his play. Bubba Watson happens to be the reigning Masters champion and had great things to say about Lee “You always expect Lee to do well,” “It seems like every major he is in, he’s in the top five.” “He’s a great player. Even if he starts off slow he fights back and has a chance to win.” He said


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