Potter beats Kelly to win Greenbrier Classic

Rookie Ted Potter Jr.’s first PGA Tour victory means a lot more than the cool $1,098,000 that he bagged home. The 28-year-old rookie is all set to take a trip to his dream place in Augusta National.

Rookie Ted Potter Jr. made a 4-foot birdie putt on the third hole of a playoff with Troy Kelly on Sunday to win the Greenbrier Classic for his first PGA Tour victory. Simply winning, though, had been the top priority for a player who first joined the former Nationwide Tour in 2004 and didn’t have much success until last year. ”When you’re missing cuts every week, you get down on yourself,” Potter said. ”I mean, it’s hard to pick yourself back up. But the plus side for me is I was still young. I just knew I had plenty of time and just be patient and it will come back around again.”

Ranked 218th in the world, Potter overcame a four-stroke deficit with five holes to play, finishing with a 6-under 64 to match Kelly at 16 under. Kelly closed with a 66. Potter became the sixth first-time winner on the tour this season and jumped from 173rd to 51st in the FedEx Cup standings.

The 28-year-old left-hander had missed five straight cuts entering the Greenbrier Classic and his previous best finish was a tie for 13th. Charlie Wi and rookie Charlie Beljan tied for third at 14 under. Wi shot a 65, and Beljan had a 67. Webb Simpson lost a one-stroke lead on the back nine at the tournament for the second straight year. The US Open champion made three straight bogeys, shot 73 and tied for seventh at 11 under.

Obama and Romney tussle over tax-cuts

President Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney are clashing over the economy and the debate has heated up with rhetoric over the Bush-era tax cuts. Obama has challenged Romney to join him in allowing tax hikes for rich Americans like themselves, needling his rival on Tuesday to compromise in order to help the middle class. Romney dismissed the idea by returning to the sensitive topic of outsourcing and called Obama “outsourcer-in-chief”.

Iowa and Colorado are the two areas drawing intense campaign attention with both Obama and Romney fighting for any advantage. While Obama directed his talk towards taxes, Romney focused on redirecting the charges that he has sent jobs overseas when he was working in private equity. Romney said, “He’s run some interesting attack ads on me on that topic, It is interesting that when it comes to outsourcing that this president has been outsourcing a good deal of American jobs himself, by putting money into energy companies that end up making their products outside the United States”. The former equity executive was under heat from within his own camp over his response to the relentless attacks that he shipped jobs overseas and his staff distributed a newspaper story critical of Obama’s outsourcing record. Romney said about the President, “If there’s an outsourcer-in-chief, it’s the president of the United States, not the guy who’s running to replace him”. And to back up the claim with proof Romney’s camp cited a Washington Post story which describes the ongoing trend of shifting American jobs to low-wage countries even during Obama’s tenure. However, all this rhetoric does little to change the fact that the economy has stalled and Washington is deadlocked and it’s a tight race in the election. President Obama who is facing the pressure of re-election with high –unemployment has shifted blame to the Republicans over looming tax increases.

To buy or not to buy!

It’s that time of the cycle when everybody’s expecting the release of the latest iPhone and first time iPhone buyers are skeptical if they should buy the current version or wait for the new one to release in a couple of months. So here’s the lowdown on what to do in this tricky situation for all the people yearning to get an iPhone.

Firstly, it’s kind of a tough place to be in with a ‘dumb phone’ that you want to exchange. It’s great if you can hold onto your dumb phone for a few more months until you’re eligible for an upgrade from your service provider as Apple is expected to release its latest iPhone in September for about $200. And if it does what it has done in the past then you can grab the little older iPhone 4S for $100 as Apple usually slashes the prices of the older versions by $100 once the new one is released. But if waiting is not your cup of tea and you are not eligible for an upgrade then you can consider your replacement insurance. But if you don’t have replacement insurance too then you’ll have to buy a brand new phone for which you can choose to opt for the following choices:

More Americans on travelling spree are hitting the road for holidays

The summer travel season is heating up with more and more Americans travelling by road in their cars with stable gas prices. The U.S airline industry is expecting a decline in the holiday travelers by air as more Americans prefer to travel by road.

A U.S. airline industry’s trade group is forecasting about 43.3 million travelers during these twenty one days surrounding the Christmas and New Years Eve. This amounts to one percent drop from the same period last year. Independent studies do suggest that the gap maybe even greater among leisure travelers.

For instance during the Memorial Day holiday about 30.7 million Americans drove to their destinations while only 2.5 million flew according to a DK Shifflet and Associates survey that conducts road studies for American Automobile Association or AAA. During Christmas and New Years holiday about 83.5 million drove by road and just 5.4 million went to their destinations by plane.

The road trip is expected to cost more than a year ago with gas prices that rose during the winter and early spring in 2012 to about $4 a gallon. Travel industry observers expected that the normal summer price rise hike would scare the consumers away from long drive trips but the gas price hike did not happen and therefore Americans are not worried about the consequences of price hike in July and August. It is estimated that only 17 percent are holding off their travel plans and are waiting to see whether the gas prices would come down or not, while the rest have made their plans of hitting the roads.

Usher’s stepson declared brain dead in a boating accident

The former stepson of the singer Usher Raymond was declared brain dead after he was critically injured in a boating accident while riding in an inner tube at Lake Lanier in north Georgia, Atlanta as per his family sources. Kyle Glover – the eleven years old child of singer’s ex-wife Tameka Foster and her former partner Ryan Glover was unresponsive when he was rescued from the lake on Friday after being struck on the head by a passing jet ski and was taken to the Children’s Healthcare unit at Egleston Hospital in Atlanta.

There was also a 15-year old girl along with Kyle Glover in the inner tube whose identity cannot be verified in the report and who was also taken to hospital. However her condition was not made public. A decision is yet to be taken whether to take off the life support systems of this young boy. Tameka through Face book thanked her fans and family for their support and requested them to pray for the little boy.

An Atlanta resident Jeffrey S. Hubbard struck Kyle Glover while on a Jet Ski as the boy floated on an inner tube attached to a pontoon boat on the lake as reported by the Atlanta Journal – Constitution. Hubbard has rented the Jet Ski and boat with Foster and her son. However alcohol consumption is not reported to be a factor behind this accident.

Updating of Google+ with the new iPad & iPhone versions

Google announced on Tuesday that Google+ is now available on the iPad with the release of its latest version of iOS application. The Version 3.0 of the app for the iPhone now features an iPad optimized layout and support for the Retina display. Previously, Google was only offering support for iPhone but the current new app will allow the users to do Google+ Hangouts from their iPad as well. This app also supports the Goggle+ Events which is a useful feature for the users in pooling and displaying their event photos.  The other features also include the video chat with up to nine friends at a time.

On both the iOS devices the user can now be able to create and manage the Google Events. The users can also create an event, manage comments, add photos and see who is coming to the event. The users can also attach an instant upload photos to post.  Google informed that it has designed the new app with the iPad in mind. The new interactive features of this application include-


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