DataBar only Coupons to Flood the Market

For a long time now, the retail market has been longing for standardization of coupons and the way they are read and processed. They have often come in different formats with varying style of bar codes, each type carrying information in a unique way. The lack of a industry standard has been tough on consumers and retailers. Extra time for coupon processing during checkouts, wide spread fraud and if something went wrong; customer service professionals of retailers often had days to forget. To put an end to this farce comes the widespread adoption of coupons bearing the GS1 DataBar, which will be implemented nation-wide.

A recent Sunday freestanding insert from SmartSource contained a “marked uptick” in the number of manufacturer coupons bearing the GS1 DataBar as the sole bar code, noted Alan Williams, vice president of application development for Ahold USA, Landover, Md.

The large scale implementation has been couple of years in the making after facing many roadblocks. Finally, the DataBar, an information-rich bar code will flood the market to provide relief to retailers and customers. A single format approach will iron out issues in coupon processing leading to efficient checkouts in retails stores and a serious clamp down on coupon fraud.

Strange death in courtroom

It turned out to be a very strange day in the courtroom of Arizona when Mr. Michael Marin was being convicted for arson of his Biltmore home. It became even uglier when he was pronounced guilty by the judge and he was seen swallowing pills which are suspected to be the reason of his mysterious death later on. It was later reported by his son that he had received an e-mail from his father saying that if things don’t turn out the way he (Michael Marin) expected to, in the courtroom, his wills have been prepared and his car could be found at a Mesa location.

It really amazes us that a man so dynamic likes Mr. Michael Marin; a Yale Law School Graduate could commit suicide in the courtroom. It was being suspected that he had set the fire himself in his Biltmore home. But one thinks as to what would have happened that he was compelled to commit suicide. The case goes back to 2008 when he had bought this palatial Biltmore estate, Arizona, when the real estate was collapsing drastically. He had bought this house on an interest only mortgage payment which bound him to pay 17,250 $ per month. This might be the reason that he might have committed suicide as he wasn’t able to make up money for payment on time. He had left Wall Street and hadn’t worked for a long time to be able to pay the monthly amount of his mortgage and this is when he thought of this ploy of burning down his home in the Biltmore estates. This would also help him in disposing the house and also raise a million dollars for himself which would later be called charity.

Hackers attack on Yahoo Voice exposes about 4, 50,000 passwords

A daring attack by the hackers on the Yahoo Voice service led to the revelation of details of about 450,000 users with their email addresses and passwords. A list titled “Owned and Exposed” which is “brought to you by the D33DS Company” was posted online early Thursday morning. To support their claim the hackers diligently posted in their opinion, the plain text credentials for the 453,492 Yahoo accounts in more than 2,700 data base table or column names and 298 MySQL variables all of which they claim to have been obtained in this rearing heist. A Yahoo spokesperson in Singapore declined to comment on this incident.

Similar attacks were reported to have been carried out separately against other online services that included the Formspring and Android Forums. In these services, the users are prompted to change their passwords immediately and to check whether they had also used the same password on other services or not. It is unknown whether both these attacks are linked or not. However, both Formspring and Android Forums have already encrypted the passwords that they had stored even though, it is not a guarantee that their passwords cannot be cracked or exposed.

The attack on Yahoo Voices is the most serious one as the affected accounts appeared to belong to the Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP service called the Yahoo Voices that runs on Yahoo’s instant messenger. The Voices service is powered by Jajah which is a VOIP platform that was bought by Telefonic Europe BV in the year-2010. The website of the hackers where the original claim was made that is is untraceable on Thursday and the domain name was registered in the month of February.

Bill and Giuliana in an expansion drive for their family and business

Soon to be new parents – Bill and Giuliana Rancic are in a jet speed mode to welcome their new baby and they are also planning to expand their RPM restaurant business. The married couple is expecting their child through gestational surrogate treatment method after several failed attempts via IVF treatment and a miscarriage. Giuliana now aged thirty six years is expecting the baby boy at the end of August. Giuliana – the E! News presenter and her husband Bill are also currently in the process of opening a restaurant businesses together.

The next eight weeks of Bill will remain hectic with both familial and business/professional obligations. Bill informed the Us Weekly magazine that both of them have opened the RPM Italian restaurant at the beginning of the year and both of them are really enjoying and having lots of fun. They have also decided to open another restaurant called RPM Steak in Chicago as well. This restaurant will be just two blocks away from the RPM Italian and they are also planning to open another one in Las Vegas for the next RPM.

Rancic admits that they are in a rush mode and the couple will be moving to a new house in Los Angeles as they have found a great house there that is under final stages of construction and he has to be there every day for getting it finished. They hope that they will move to this new house within the next three weeks. There is also a provision for nursery and they are in a hurry to get the house finished.

Popular iPhone game “Temple Run” set to get adapted for comics

The Temple Run, the hit mobile video game has broken new grounds by getting into new type of media that now include the comic books and graphic novels. The Temple Run is now to be adapted for comics by ace publisher Ape Entertainment that has already produced comics for games such as “Pocket God” and “Cut the Rope”. The publisher announced that it has secured the licensing deals to adapt Imangi Studios – Temple Run and The Game Bakers’ –Squids mobile titles into their own comic book series.

The Temple Run series will be released in print and digital, providing background information on the Imangi’s popular mobile game character and settings. The comic series will dig up the back story of the game’s character and the ancient temples that the game indulges in. The comics’ digital and print versions are expected to be released in the coming months in addition to the stand alone Temple Run comics’ app for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone.

The Temple Run was released in August 2011 and has topped with ninety million downloads and is available with Apple App and Google Play Stores. Ape Entertainment has already got experience with this sort of adaptations having brought the “Cut the Rope” and “Pocket God” in the comics’ format over the past two years.

The Temple Run is the brain child of Keith Shepherd who co-founded the Washington-DC based Imangi Studios with his wife Natalia Luckyanova and artist Kiril Tchangov. The trio created the game “Temple Run” after their 2010 iPhone game “Max Adventure” did not do well as per their expectations even though the game received some good critical acclaim but it just never received well. The “Temple Run” their next game gained popularity with huge number of users and players wanting to play the game in their Android phones.

Burgers of McDonalds now being offered without pink slime

The world’s biggest fast food chain McDonalds announced that it will stop using the “pink slime” a controversial meat product consisting of lean beef trimmings that is treated with ammonium hydroxide solution in its hamburgers. This product was recently brought to the attention of the public by the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver who mockingly described this product as a “Pink Slime” on an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

The trimmings actually consists of the left out meat after all the choice cuts of beef are taken is banned for human consumption in United Kingdom but these are allowed to be used in chicken and dog food. However, in the United States the human consumption of these trimmings is legal, if they are treated with ammonium hydroxide in order to kill the bacteria such as E.coli as precautionary measure.

The Oak Brook – Illinois based fast food McDonald chain announced that it will no longer use this controversial additive beef trimming which is approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The company however, said that its decision in this regard is nothing to do with the month’s long campaign by celebrity chef – Jamie Oliver to get rid of ammonium hydroxide treated meats like chicken and beef out of the U.S. food supply. The company said that the decision of not using this “pink slime” was made nearly a year ago.

It is estimated that seventy percent of burgers in the United States use this pink slime as filler.  McDonald further stated that it stopped using the filler last August itself and two other fast food chains, Burger King and Taco Bell had also bowed to the pressure and removed the ammonium hydroxide processed ingredients from their food products.


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