Real story behind China’s Olympic sporting glory

China’s dominance in the London Olympics with their massive medal haul has once again showcased the country’s ability to produce sports champions by applying the sporting techniques of Soviet styled sports regime. But behind the sporting glory there are some concerns being raised about the human costs. News emerged about how the parents of Olympic diver Wu Minxia had hidden her mother’s long battle with breast cancer for fear of disturbing her training.

The intention of Chinese sports fraternity is to win every single medal at any costs. There are stories emerging in China in recent weeks about young rising athletes who undergo near torturous conditions at many of the Chinese sports schools.

Winning the Olympic medals is the sole obsession in China at the cost of sacrificing the basic family emotions. It is a fact that majority of China’s 396 Olympians had started their sports at a tender age having sacrificed their childhood for the state and drawing emotional support from team mates, sports coaches and officials in exchange of familial and friendly support. China’s current haul of medals in the Olympics is a result of atrocious training regimes that youngsters are forced to follow back home.

Usain Bolt’s victory march on the eve of Jamaican Independence

Usain Bolt true to his name came like a bolt from the blue and silenced his critics and doubters with an emphatic victory in the Olympic 100 meters and rating himself as the world’s fastest man. This Jamaican made his country proud on the eve of its 50th independence anniversary by claiming gold at the London Olympics in just 9.63 seconds. His training partner and Jamaican colleague Yohan Blake took the silver medal making a double bonanza for their country. Even before the event, compatriot Shelly-Ann-Fraser-Pryce already made headlines by retaining the 100-meters women title.

Some of the sport enthusiasts were in doubt on Bolt about his capacity and capability to win a second successive gold in the blue ribald spirit after suffering back problems, getting disqualified for a false start in the last year’s world championship and losing to Blake in the Jamaican trails.  However, crashing their doubts to the ground, Bolt zoomed past the track to win in 9.63 seconds which is an Olympic record and is the second faster time ever even behind his own world record of 9.58 seconds. The American athlete Justin Gatlin took bronze.

Jamaicans celebrated Usain Bolt’s victory with cheers with plastic horns blaring, pot covers were banged and motorists honked their horns that despite being unable to make the transatlantic journey themselves. Some of the Jamaicans compared the accomplishments of Bolt with those of another popular Jamaican icon Bob Marley. Usain Bolt – the 25 years old sporting phenomenon entered the history books as the sprinter who crossed the line as the winner in two successive men’s 100 meter finals. It was 0.05 seconds down the world record that Bolt clocked at the World Championships in Berlin three years ago but this was faster than his winning run at the Beijing Olympics that was 9.69 seconds.

Honey is now a remedy for night time coughing in children

Honey is now being considered as a remedy for those kids who are unable to sleep during night time due to cough. A study suggests that giving a spoonful of honey to the kids before going to bed may help reliving their cough symptoms.  The parents of these kids also reported that after giving honey, the kids were having cough that is less severe and less frequent.

Dr. Ian Paul, a pediatrician from Pennsylvania State University in Hershey opines that the most common reason for kids’ going to a physician is cough. In his opinion, the present therapies for cough and cold are not very effective and they have potential side effects.  Many of the OTC or Over the Counter cough and cold products have a warning of “do not use” for children who are below four years old. But parents of these kids’ accidently give these types of drugs.

A recent study was carried out by researchers from Israel who randomly assigned 300 kids who are aged from one to five to one of four different night time cough treatments. The kids were given 10 grams of one of three types of honey that included the eucalyptus and citrus based honey or syrup that was made from dates which was sweet but was free from honey half an hour before bedtime. Then through telephone and written surveys the parents reported their ‘kids’ symptoms and how well both they and their kids slept in the night, when their kids took a spoonful of honey or date extract as well as how well they had slept the night before. The parents rated each of the symptoms on a 7-point scale.


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