Remedy for dry mouth due to cancer found in acupuncture

People who are on cancer treatment usually suffer from symptoms of chronic dry mouth. A new study conducted in the United Kingdom reported some improvement in symptoms like dry lips and sticky saliva when patients undergoing cancer treatment were subjected to acupuncture. However, the studies undertaken were not yet clear about how much of that benefit could have been on the result about patients’ expectations that acupuncture would help them or the effect of a therapeutic relationship with their acupuncturist – instead of the actual needles. The study’s lead author said more work is needed to be done to answer these questions.

It is estimated that about half a million people globally develop head and neck cancer each year and most of them suffer from dry mouth. This study runs parallel to a study that was published in May 2010 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology when investigators from the Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center studied the potential benefits of acupuncture in the patients with cancers of head and neck that had undergone lymph-node surgery or neck dissection.  The study group then randomly assigned 70 patients to either receive weekly acupuncture or a usual care group treatment (without acupuncture but receive physical therapy, pain/anti-inflammatory medication as needed).

Dry mouth which was the common symptom in patients requiring radiation therapy for cancers in the head and neck found that those who had undergone acupuncture had a significant reduction in their pain levels and dry mouth compared to those who had received the usual care treatment. Acupuncturists truly believe that their therapy is indeed helping the patients for years on against dry mouth but there has not been enough evidence for or against it. Most of the head and neck cancer patients do not seek out an alternative medicine thus creating a lack of evidence on this aspect.

Lenovo edges out HP to become world’s No.1 PC maker

The Lenovo Group has been ranked as number one PC maker for the first time in its history by edging out Hewlett – Packard or HP.  The latest data released by the research house- Gartner still ranks HP in the lead but by less than half a percentage point when compared to Lenovo. The global market share of Lenovo is estimated to be 15.7% and that of HP is 15.5%.  HP’s shipments fell by more than sixteen percent to 13.55 million whereas its rival Lenovo had shipped 13.77 million computers during the third quarter.

However the third quarter numbers from IDC a rival research firm showed HP as having a slight lead with 15.9% against Lenovo’s 15.7%. The PC industry as a whole is supposed to be on decline with an 8.6 percent decline in shipments compared with the last year as per the report of IDC. Gartner further informs that Lenovo had made a crucial market share gains over the past two years, the main reason being that Lenovo in addition to acquiring other vendors had also indulged in an aggressive positioning on pricing especially in the professional market.

The overall perspective of PC market is dull as demand for computers has taken a beating due to the availability and popularity of the smart phones and tablets which enabled the people to do the basic computing things on the move. Some consumers are also not buying the PC’s until the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system – Windows 8 that is not likely to be available until the end of this month. The other aspect that has weakened the share of HP in the global PC market is the tough competition from Asian rivals like the Taiwan’s Acer and other Asian PC manufacturing companies.

Samsung gets relief by a court order to sell Galaxy Tab in U.S

The electronic giant Samsung Electronics Ltd got a relief from the temporary sales ban against its Galaxy tab 10.1 models through a U.S. court order. The court order is a big relief to Samsung in the wake of the patent dispute with Apple Incorporation that led to banning the Galaxy Tab to be sold in the United States. Lifting the ban may help Samsung to enhance its revenues by selling the product in the United States during this holiday shopping season. The past injunction was the result of a month long trail involving a legal battle by the iPhone maker Apple against Samsung with a resounding victory for Apple on many of its patent violation claims.

Samsung has also filed a separate motion against Apple saying that the iPhone 5 had infringed on some of the company’s patents. To capture the global markets, these two companies locked themselves in patent disputes in at least ten countries. The domination for the market between these two giants began when Apple sued Samsung in multiple countries on which Samsung led a counter suit petitions.

Apple won the first round of legal battle when an injunction order was placed on the Galaxy tablet for violating the patent rights of Apple. The month long legal battle that ensued in the month of August has been watched by the global business conglomerates with a bit of excitement and empathy. At this trial, Apple was also awarded more than $1 billion in damages to be paid by Samsung.


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