Report finds not all top hospitals are always top for surgery

Some of the “America’s Best Hospitals” do not always live up to their expectations or reputations when it comes to handling surgery according to a new report released. The Consumer Union (CU) Report used newly available federal government data to look at how patients fared after surgery at nearly 2,500 hospitals in 50 states. The report found some of the big name hospitals did not do well in preventing infections and other measures of quality care. Some busy urban hospitals that care for the poorest and sick patients often did surprisingly well.

The Consumer Union (CU) report figures state that patients going in for surgery care about many things from how kind are the nurses are and how the quality of food is. In addition, they care utmost is whether they stay in hospital longer and they should and whether they would come out alive. The CU also broke down detailed findings for five common procedures that included back surgery, hip and knee replacement, angioplasty to clear out clogged arteries of the heart and carotid artery surgery to unplug the neck artery.

This non-profit publisher of Consumer Union (CU) Reports magazine used two measures one rating is based on the percentage of Medicare patients who died in hospital during or after the surgery and the other rating based on percentage who stayed in the hospital longer than expected based on standards of care for their condition. The surprising pack of hospitals that emerged from these findings was the two of Washington D.C.’s flagship hospitals Med Star Washington Hospital Center and Sibley Memorial Hospital, both getting the poorest overall rating for patients receiving surgery. The John Hopkins Hospital that is associated with the one of America’s prestigious medical school only got an average rating.

McDonald is considered as the cheapest and most nutritious food

McDonald considered as the trademark of American food dream and then later on renounced for its dangerous health risk has now reclaimed its status according to some as the cheapest, the most nutritious and bountiful food that has ever existed in human history. Ralph Thomas made this claim to Freakonomics authors and radio broadcasters who are well known for showing the ‘hidden side’ of everything by fitting economics to popular culture. Stephen Dubner who had co-author of the Freakonomics blog along with fellow economist Steven Levitt recently posed the question on the wNYC podcast, Freaknomics radio.

The question was what food did one reader Ralph Thomas calls the cheapest, most nutritious and beautiful food that has ever existed in human history? The food that was voted for is none other than McDonald’s McDouble that has 390 calories, 23 grams of protein and 7% of recommended dietary fiber. This was in contrary to radio host Kai Ryssdal’s best guess of “tofu”, “soy”. The McDonald’s McDouble certainly has the Freaknomics authors thinking and therefore they put up for discussion as part of their “A Burger a Day” radio podcast.

However, the responses of nutritionists have been largely divided ever since they are queuing up to have their say. Senior nutritionist Alosya Hourigan opined that a serious flaw in the claim is the fat and salt content of the burger. She informed that even though the burger may supply some nutrients, the consumers must need to remember that it includes a high amount of saturated fat and salt or sodium as most of the takeaway fast foods are. Therefore, food that is high in saturated fat and salt is not very healthy. It is also observed that consumers of burgers usually consume ‘fries’ and ‘soft drinks’ which further raises the saturated fat, kilojoules, sodium and adds in unhealthy amounts of added sugars as well.

Ideas That Put Your Social Media Marketing To Work for You

If you have heard of Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, you surely know that marketing through social media channels is the next big thing. Like many people, you might be wondering how you can harness the power of social media to your business’s advantage. This article has a number of tips to help you in your social media marketing endeavors.

Connect your blog to Linkedin by putting a share button at the top of the page. Because of its nature, Linkedin has users who are generally people with influence who have higher incomes, meaning plenty of potential customers with money to spend on your products and services. With more than 100 million people using Linkedin, it is a great opportunity using social media to market your business without spending a dime.

Do not hesitate to request help when it comes to social media marketing. Social media marketing is a huge area and there are people who specialize in helping your make the most of it. This is not a cheap option, but it can be helpful.

Keep the tone of all social media posts humble and friendly. Your company might be big, but if you have a big ego, your social media campaign will be a big failure. Never express the opinion that you are more important or powerful than your customers and followers. These individuals are the bedrock of your profits.

It’s Time to Get Organized: 5 Ways to Get Your Home in Order

Any time of year can be a great time to deep clean your home. Not only does it feel great to get rid of needless clutter, but by making your most important items easily accessible, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Here’s five ideas for getting your home in order:

1. One Room a Day

It may seem daunting when every room of the house is in need of a purge, but dividing the work over several days can help you get through it. Set aside a week or two and designate one room for each day. Some high traffic areas, like the kitchen, might require two days. Be sure to just focus on the room of the day without getting sidetracked by other rooms and you’ll see real progress!

2. Invest in Storage Pieces

While it may seem counterintuitive to start buying more when you’re trying to remove clutter from your home, a few smart storage pieces can make a big difference in clearing out rooms. Clear plastic storage containers that can be slid under your bed are a great way to store off season clothing or other linens. A stylish storage ottoman or chair can serve double duty by brightening your existing décor and stowing toys or other magazines.

3. Purge Closets & Junk Drawers

Over time, clutter takes over floor and shelf space. Many items, such as off season shoes or rarely used appliances, should be stored out of sight. To accomplish this, you’ll need to purge your closets and junk drawers of things you no longer need. Allocate two bins or boxes as you clear out a storage space. Place items you intend to keep in one box and duplicates or items you no longer need in the second. Restock your storage areas with the original items and other items that had been lingering out in the open.

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  1. Mike Anderson Says:

    Great tips, it’s crazy how stressful your life can be from stupid things like not being organized.

Economic growth implies lower chances of an impending debt crisis

When the debt level of a country is high enough, this is typically associated with sluggish economic growth as compared to the period during which the debt of the country is lower. This is what has been shown by studies throughout the last few years and it still holds even after a new study that was released, that draws the relationship between economic growth and debt. The new working paper, concluded that when the gross debt of a country exceeds 90% of the Gross Domestic Product, the median growth rate is supposed to fall by 1% and average growth rate falls even more. Chairman of House Budget Committee, Representative Paul Ryan, declared in the month of May 2013 that the US debt is hurting the economy today and this idea has been embraced by almost all Democrats and Republicans.

However, the representative did not check that the economic reports on housing, investment and jobs didn’t support that claim. A gang of economists throughout the political spectrum dispute this study that stated that the nations with debt load of above 90% of the GDP of the nation grow slowly. 3 years after government spending surge after the corresponding recession drove the US off that red line. The total debt of the nation, $16.7 trillion debt is 106% of the $15.8 trillion economy and this is what are the key indicators that reflect the gathering strength. The businesses have increased their expenses by 28% since the end of 2009 and the annual rate of new home construction surged to about 60%. Employers have also successfully created 6 million jobs. As the borrowing costs are also at their record low levels, the cost of repaying debt is also lower.

Does high debt levels chill economic growth?

Ryan of Wisconsin, a Republican joined the Democrats and embraced as the financial gospel the idea of a tipping point for debt, even though this was a hot debate among the economists. There are some studies that have found out that there’s no such relation between high debt and sluggish economic growth, especially for the countries like the US that print their own currency. According to a 2012 paper, 2 French economists concluded that the economic growth rates as the debt-to-GDP ratio passed 115%.

Breach of Contract – Litigation News UK

Contractual litigations take place when someone breaches a contract of some kind. Such litigations are expensive and also take time to complete. Such litigations procedures are capable of destroying business relationships. In addition due to such litigation processes cost of the contract increases. Due to this people try to avoid any type of litigation under any circumstance.

Not long ago UK justice secretary has claimed that UK is best place to litigate a lawsuit. For finding solution to the legal problems UK is the cheapest and also the quickest. However, even though such claims are being made, it is essential that you get consultation from experienced solicitors specialised in litigation Jersey.

Contract Law of the UK

Before going any further, let’s take a look at the fundamental principles of England’s contract law. The basic arrangement includes formation of contract, contents of contract and end of the contract.

In the UK law three basic essentials are used to create a contract, including agreement, contractual intent and deliberation. The major focus of a contract is that both the parties come to an agreement. For example an agreement occurs when one of the parties provides an offer and another accepts it. Without this agreement a contract cannot exist. To decide whether this agreement is reached, the court takes a test.

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  1. Laura | Dutch Contract Law Firm AMS Says:

    Breach of contract litigation is very interesting. All cases are different, and good litigation in such cases comes (in my jurisdiction) with both a waterproof legal paragraph, and a good presentation of the facts. Very interesting to read about these cases in different jurisdictions!

Wolverine claims the weekend box office crown

Hugh Jackman is the latest incarnation as Wolverine having clawed its way through this weekend’s box office competition. ‘Wolverine’ that starred Hugh Jackman as Marvel Comics’ sharp clawed super hero slashed its way to $55 million in United States and Canadian ticket sales to claim the box office crown. This film made more than $120 million it cost to make in its opening weekend. It is the sixth film in the X-Men franchise that has now made $1.9 billion worldwide. “The Conjuring” the low budget horror film that led last weekend’s box office slipped to second place with $22.1million in domestic sales from Friday through Sunday as per studio estimates.

Wolverine is set in Japan and features an international cast. The film has generated nearly $84 million in overall ticket sales that surprised strong showing for the film that was made under $20 million to make. The animated film “Despicable Me 2” that featured the voice of comic actor Steve Carell finished third with 16 million in ticket sales in its fourth week in movie theatres. This film was made by Universal Pictures collecting more than $600 million ticket sales around the globe. Despite of the success, ‘Wolverine’ fell short of Hollywood insiders’ $72 million weekend estimates. It is the latest in the string of the big budget action films that had failed to meet the expectations.

Five Ways to Support the Disabled Veteran in Your Life

If you have a loved one who is a disabled war veteran, there are many ways that you can help them adjust to post-war life. Traumatic war-related physical injuries, as well as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) plague thousands of veterans. However, there are resources available, such as Purple Heart Homes, the BattleMind program, and the Veteran’s Association who are dedicated to helping the wounded men and women who have bravely sacrificed their physical and emotional well-being for our country.

Life After Combat

Adjusting to post-war life is a challenge for many veterans. You can help your loved one ease their depression by helping them develop regular sleep and exercise patterns. Engaging in hobbies and connecting with friends are other ways returning soldiers can take their minds off the sadness of war. The BattleMind program helps soldiers and their families re-adjust to home life by educating spouses about the psychological effects of war.

Coping With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Educate yourself about the warning signs of PTSD. Depression, thoughts of suicide, irritability, anger, nervousness, isolation, lack of grooming, and alcohol abuse are all common signs of PTSD. Many sufferers of PTSD feel misunderstood and forgotten about. Listen to what your loved one has to say with kindness and empathy. There are over 200 counseling centers nationwide offering assistance to help veterans cope with PTSD. Check your local listings to find the best counseling location.

Common Household Items Not to Throw Away

Summertime cleaning is sure to hit many households in the coming months. From donating unwanted clothes to finally scrubbing the baseboards, a deep clean of one’s house is sure to leave everything feeling fresh and sanitized. When rummaging through those unwanted items, make sure you avoid tossing some common household supplies. While these items may appear to only be occupying space, their toxicity can pose environmental problems if not disposed of correctly. Here are some items to avoid chunking in the trash:

Used Paint – Paints, especially oil-based paints, contain toxic solvents that are also highly flammable. Varnishes, stains and other paints should be taken to your local government’s facility for hazardous materials.

Motor Oil – It’s actually illegal to toss motor oil outside our dump it down the drain. Not only does it contain harmful materials, it also carries high risk of contaminating nearby soil and water. Motor oil should be placed in a plastic container, sealed tightly and dropped off at a recycle center or a service station that accepts used oil.

CFL Lightbulbs – Compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) are environmentally friendly – until they hit your trashcan. These energy-saving bulbs contain high levels of mercury, which can be released into trash when broken. Use an approved recycling center when it comes time to dispose of these bulbs.

Five Ways Hoarding Not Only Affects You But Everyone Around You

If you keep an overload of items in Dallas TX self storage, keep in mind that hoarding not only affects you but everyone around you. There are at least five ways hoarding could cause a problem. Here are some suggestions for what you can do to reduce any negative affect.

1. Unwieldy stacks of items can be hazardous.

Tripping is a concern for anyone who has to work his way through stacks that might fall on him at any moment. Secure stacks of papers with string or tape to keep them together. Make sure to place boxes only on top of whatever can bear their weight.

2. Uncovered food can be a health hazard.

No one likes to deal with the bugs and animals that leftover food brings. Pests usually don’t limit themselves to the main area; they often invade spaces nearby. Your neighbors won’t appreciate them. Cover or remove any exposed food. You may need to use pesticides or other chemical treatments to keep control.


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