4 Things That Will Help Take Off Your Financial Stress

It has been said that the top three things married couples fight about are money, sex and parenting. While it is easy to see how these topics can cause fights, they do not have to. Use these four tips to reduce your financial stress and give yourselves one less thing to fight about.

Set Up a Budget

The first financial move every adult should make is to set up a budget. With a budget, you know exactly how much you can spend in various categories, such as food, clothing and entertainment, and still have money left over at the end of the month. Sticking within your budgeted amount gives you the freedom to never worry if you can afford things. Your budget will tell you exactly how much you can afford without getting yourself in a financial mess.

Maintain an Emergency Fund

For true peace of mind, put money aside each month in an emergency fund. Then, when the unexpected happens, you will not have to worry how you are going to pay for it. Flat tires and surprise medical bills do not have to be a source of financial stress if you already have the money set aside for them. According to financial guru Suze Orman, a good amount for an emergency fund is eight months’ worth of income.

NASA on selling spree of its shuttle launch platforms

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is selling three huge mobile platforms that were used to launch the Apollo moon missions along with its space shuttle to private firms adding to the list of historic facilities and equipment it wants the private industry to take over and that includes the shuttle launch pad and its landing runway. NASA is considering competing bids for the sale of shuttle launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. The huge steel structures measuring 7.6 meters high (25ft) 49 by 41 meters on top were used to move spacecraft from rocket assembly hangers at the Kennedy Space Center to the launch pad on crawler tracks.

These structures were originally built in 1967 for the Apollo moon mission’s Saturn rockets that were then modified for the space shuttles that flew from 1981 to 2011.The space agency informed that it wants private space company to take them over or it may have to sell them for recycling. NASA is also interested in other users for the mobile launch platforms, that served as bases to stack and assemble the shuttle and then transport it to launch pad. The platforms provided power and other umbilical connections and had open section for flames and rocket exhaust to pass through. NASA is already assessing the bids for a shuttle launch pad from two competing firms backed by internet billionaires.

The Kennedy Space Center launch pad has attracted competing bids from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and chief executive of electric car company Tesla. NASA is also turning over the shuttle’s runway to Space Florida that plans to make it available to commercial companies including XCOR Aerospace, which is developing a two person suborbital spaceship called Lynx that takes off and lands like an aeroplane. The other potential customer is Stratolaunch Systems –an orbital space vehicle backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Danny Jacobs emerges victorious through his one-two punch KO’s

Danny Jacob emerged victorious with his impressive comeback from cancer by knocking out Giovanni Lorenzo with a powerful combination in the third round of their 10-round middleweight fight Monday night at the Best Buy Theater in New York. Jacobs (26-1, 23 KO’s) nicknamed “The Golden Child” won his sixth consecutive fight ever since his shocking knockout loss to Dimtry Pirog three years ago. It has been two years since he had a cancerous tumor on his spine removed and underwent radiation treatment. This was his fourth straight win since his battle with cancer.

Danny Jacob, the middleweight boxer from Brownsville overcame his cancer, learned to walk again, learning to fight again and is confronting the question of whether he is still an excellent boxer. The 26-year old- Danny Jacobs, after two close rounds hurt Lorenzo (36-6, 24 KO’s) the former world title challenger of Manhattan with an overhead right hand in the third and finished him with flurry of punches that dropped Lorenzo to the canvas. Referee Steve Willis counted out Lorenzo at 2:05 of the third round. Due to this win, Jacob improved his overall record to 26-1 with his 23rd knockout. He is expected to be mentioned among the top contenders in the middleweight divisions.

Both Jacob and Lorenzo were feeling each other out in the first two rounds, but when Jacob, who had a cut under his left eye, pressed the action in the third finished Lorenzo with a left hook and then a right hand. Jacobs worked his jab well through the first two rounds then opened it up in the third. Lorenzo by far represents the toughest fighter that Jacobs had faced since being diagnosed with an aggressive form of spinal cancer called osteosarcoma in 2011 that caused paralysis in his legs and forced him to take 19 months hiatus from the sport. Doctors advised him to never fight again.

A cheap and portable device for testing malaria

Malaria as a deadly disease is the world’s biggest killer that is killing over 600,000 people annually mostly children. A breakthrough of sorts has been achieved in detecting the onset of malaria in the early stages through a device that measures electrical properties of red blood cells or RBC’s. The researchers hope that their findings will lead to a portable low cost yet highly sensitive device that can diagnose malaria on the spot with just a drop of blood. Anantha Chandrakasan and his colleagues (team) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) wrote about how they had developed and tested their experimental device in the journal Lab Chip.

This device spreads the drop of blood on an electrode that can count individual cells as they stream past and it can take very accurate reading of their impedance or electrical resistance. During their previous studies, the team has already established that the diseases like malaria alter the electrical properties of red blood cells. Researchers believe that the same technology can be used to diagnose other diseases that change the electrical properties of red blood cells. During their study, the researchers investigated the strain P.falciparum. This parasite enters the blood stream and through its invasion makes the blood cells more magnetic and rigid.

However, these changes can be detected by various diagnostic devices even though the changes does not occur until the parasite reaches a more advanced stage, when the red blood cells starts sticking to small blood vessels, blocking circulation and causing severe symptoms. The new device is sensitive to another property that is measurable in the earliest parasite stage that is ring stage. The property measured by this device is electrical resistance or impedance. This portable device can take very accurate measurements of the size and phase of electrical impedance of individual cells.

How to Pick an Engagement Ring

Being engaged is one of the most exciting and pivotal points in life. Deciding that you want to spend forever with someone is a major decision and you want to culminate that experience with the perfect engagement ring. Traditionally, the person who pops the question is the person who chooses the ring. Today, many couples come together when deciding on an engagement ring and wedding ring sets. This can be a more challenging prospect, because two parties may have two different ideas on which ring is the one for their engagement.

Set a Price Range

The age-old rule has been three month’s salary for an engagement ring, but this is a hard and fast rule that does not need to be followed. Set your own budget in accordance with how much you feel comfortable paying, especially if you have an entire wedding to pay for. If you are getting married in the garden state, you will have to look for New Jersey location, New Jersey baker, and New Jersey couples photographer as well. You do not want to run out on the New Jersey engagement ring, especially since upgrading is always an option. Look for stones and settings within this budget to get an idea of what your money will buy you.

Choosing a Jewel and Cut

Most often, engagement rings are diamonds, though couples may select another precious stone as the centerpiece for the ring. The jewel and cut should be selected first, as the setting and ring will have to properly accommodate and complement this setting. When choosing a diamond, remember the four C’s. These are cut, color, clarity, and carat. As a rule, the most people want the best cut, the clearest diamond and clarity, along with the most carats for the cash. Research the stone that you want to see is available in your price range.

5 Social Media Musts! – How To Improve Your Social Following

Social media has taken the world by storm, instantly becoming a part of the daily lives of most citizens of the modern world. You may have joined several social media networks to keep up with the latest fad, but now realize that your only followers are a few random spammers and fake accounts. So how do you build a respectable social media following? While you could spend all day posting and reading other people’s posts, it is likely that such action would only result in your day becoming entirely unproductive. Here are a few basic tips to improve the relevance of your social media profiles.

1. Personalize Your Layout

Think of a social media profile as an apartment. When you first move in, the walls are all white, no furniture or art spruces up the décor, and no smells of fresh baked bread or roasted poultry fill the air with a delectable aroma. But you mean to change that, and that’s why you bring in all of your possessions and turn a house into a home. Social media functions in much the same way, and you should look at your profile as an empty apartment, ready to be filled with your content. Delete the default profile picture and add your own banner, background, avatar, colors, and other touches. Then start posting away.

2. Provide Meaningful Content

Would you follow yourself on Twitter or like your own page on Facebook if you were an unrelated passerby? If the answer is no, change that! Post a funny comment or meem every few days to brighten the day of your audience. Then fill in the time between with pictures, interesting facts and news, personal anecdotes, and a whole range of personalized content. Give people a reason to follow you, and they will.

Should People Spend Money On Genetic Testing?

A couple months ago, Angelina Jolie told the world that she decided to undergo a double mastectomy after she took a gene test and tested positive for BRCA1 gene mutation. This mutation would increase her chances of developing breast cancer by 90 percent. Jolie’s story has caused genetic testing to become a very hot topic.

There has been a-lot of research done in the field of genetics within the past couple of decades. Ten years ago, you could take a test and find genetic links for approximately 900 diseases. Today, you can find genetic links for nearly 2,000 diseases. In the past, genetic testing was very expensive. Now, you can do it at home for just $100.

Are The Tests Really Worth Getting?

Angelina Jolie’s story is an example of how genetic testing can potentially help prevent diseases. However, many people are debating whether these tests are really worth it. Before you decide to get a genetic test done yourself, it is important for you to understand the pros and cons. Below are some of the pros and cons for various types of genetic test:

Breast Cancer Testing

Pros: Many women carry the BRAC1 gene. If you test positive for this gene, then you and your doctor will be able to work together and develop a prevention plan. This plan may include frequent and earlier screenings.

Cost: If you test negative for the gene, then you may get a false sense of security. Many factors affect your risk of developing breast cancer. In fact, only five percent of breast cancers are caused by the BRAC1 gene.

The Best, Worst Kept Secrets of a Great Leader

Being a leader can be a daunting task. While it is exciting to head up a project or lead team members to professional excellence, leaders must be careful to showcase both their personality and skill (sometimes one more than the other) to achieve success. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions that people may have about leadership, as well as secrets and tips that productive leaders live by.

A Good Leader Knows the Power of Silence

A working paper submitted to Harvard Business School asserts that leaders with strong personalities who talk often don’t create an environment that others feel comfortable sharing their ideas in. A talkative leader can be intimidating, and this effects productivity. A leader who knows that simply giving instructions and opening the floor for suggestions helps to to ensure that projects and initiatives are completed in a reasonable amount of time. The secret of silence also boosts morale among team members, and gives employees the confidence to assert themselves in the workplace. An effective leader knows that her greatest responsibility is to help those she manages discover their own leadership capabilities.

A Good Leader Knows How to Rest

Most people see a leader as the person in the company who never stops moving. The leader is supposedly always doing the behind-the-scenes work that keeps a company running smoothly. And, unfortunately, a lot of leaders believe this as well. While it is a leader’s job to do damage control for the business as needed, an effective boss or manager knows the secret of resting. When a leader is harried and stress, the other team members of the company will adopt this attitude as well.

Basic Steps You Need To Know About Adopting Child

Adopting a child can be a blessing to you and your family just as much as having a biological child. It is a gracious gesture to open your home and heart to someone in need by making a commitment to raise a child who is not biologically yours. This not only brings joy to the child, but to the forester family as well. Adoption is not such an easy task; it requires extensive planning and preparation, which at times may overwhelm you. It may also put a large financial obligation on your part. Here are basic steps you need to know about adopting child.

Learn and Research about Adoption

After making the decision to adopt a child, the first thing you need to do is to determine what gender, age, ethnicity, region and race the child will come from. As a potential adoptive parent, you will need to consider the social and emotional implications to you and the child in each type of adoption. You should also evaluate your ability to tolerate risk. It is crucial for you to know what types of placement are allowed in your state because, adoption laws in the state where you live will govern your adoptive options. If you are pursuing an adoption for a child living in a different state, you will need to comply with the adoption laws from the two states before you are allowed to adopt the child. You can learn more about what is expected of you from various information resources, including magazines, local libraries, referrals and the Internet.

Choose an Agency

You can easily find a suitable agency to help you find a child to adopt, through the Internet. It is imperative for you to work with a licensed agency in the state where you live. Review several agencies to find out the kind of children available for placement, their fee structure, how they prepare and assess families, and the length of time the assessment will take. You can as well get referrals from parents who have previously adopted a child.

Planning for the Future: Tips on Saving Money

Money woes aren’t just a breach of financial security–they can compromise your privacy, health, and overall quality of life. While they say money can’t buy happiness, it’s surely a necessary means to obtaining the basic needs with which we can sustain even a modest, comfortable, and healthy life. Fortunately, saving money doesn’t require any rigorous regimen–it’s a lifestyle. By employing some simple organizational and money-saving techniques, you’ll assuredly pave a path to financial stability.

Trim the fat

Businesses are known to eliminate dispensable employees when they’re in the red and need to begin generating revenue, so why not do the same with your personal goods and services? Assess where you’re spending money and determine what you absolutely need and what you can do without. Financial guru Suze Orman says “I challenge

you to reduce every one of your monthly utility bills by 10 percent”, which might include expensive cable packages or an unnecessary landline.1 Mobile devices are all the rave, but be honest with yourself–do you need the newest smartphone and tablet with 10 GB of monthly data to stream music and movies everywhere you go? You’d be pleasantly surprised with what you’d save by reducing your spending on these devices.

Take a personal inventory

Whatever it is you’re looking for, you can’t find–so you buy a new one. A lack of personal organization doesn’t just set the stage for a frustrated and possibly frantic search, but increased spending. You name it: cleaning products, small tools, personal care items, kitchen utensils, and cell phone chargers are among many items of which people own multiples, simply because they couldn’t find the original. If you maintain a simple spreadsheet of various items you own and their whereabouts, you won’t spend excess money on buying replacements, thereby allowing you to save.


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