Manny Pacquiao decides two to three years left to quit

Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino professional boxer and eight division world champion believes that he has still two to three years fighting left before he plans to quit the sport but still retaining the hopes of securing a bout with Foud Mayweather Jr. who is an American professional boxer currently undefeated as a professional and holding a five division world champion. The two straight defeats, the second one a brutal sixth round knock out by old foe Juan Manuel Marquez in December, prompted sport enthusiasts and critics to suggest retirement for this 34-year old Filipino.

Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to take on Brandon Rios at the 147 lbs in November at Macau in China. In his 61 professional contests, Pacquiao has lost five times apart from the knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez and to the Bradley loss. Manny was knocked out in his 12th and 28th fight as well as unanimous decision loss to Erik Morales in 2005. The 27 years old Brandon Rios is an aggressive former lightweight world champion well known, as “Bam Bam” will provide a stern test for Pacquiao even though he lacks the box office numbers that a fifth bout with Marquez or a first with Mayweather could bring in.

Pacquiao informed that his mother, three years ago had given her blessing for him to fight once more and now he may continue to fight for two to three years more. Pacquiao amassed a 54-5-2 record with 38 knockouts. Pacquiao whose power punching from both hands and lightening speed helped him to win titles from flyweight through to light middleweight said he had trained everyday ever since Marquez defeated him and that his body was addicted to exercise. Pacquiao has experienced the set back of being knocked out earlier in his career and this is not a new entity for him as he had overcome one of the boxing disasters before, to consummately lose and then to start again.

Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

We all know the detrimental effects that smoking can have on the body, causing many different illnesses and problems. Of course we know the long-term health benefits of quitting smoking, however there are also numerous amounts of short-term effects that will benefit you hugely.

Not only can quitting smoking help with your health, it can improve your quality of life and may even add years to your life. It is never too late to quit smoking and even though it can be a difficult addiction to overcome, it will be worth it when you see the improvements it has made to your lifestyle.

Non-smokers have an improved fertility rating, finding it easier to get pregnant. Of course, when pregnant it is important to give up the habit in order to protect your baby from harmful toxins and increase the chances of you having a healthy baby. Those who don’t smoke are less at risk of suffering from a miscarriage while also increasing the chances of conceiving through IVF. While some may believe this only applies to those who have never smoked, this isn’t the case. However, the sooner you quit the more you minimise any risks.

Not only can quitting smoking improve your health, it can also improve your exercise regime. Those who have smoked for years find it more difficult to breath and are more likely to suffer from a smokers’ cough, this hinders your chances of having a fulfilling workout as you may not be able to exercise for the desired amount of time. Within nine months it is likely that your lung capacity will increase by 10%, emphasising the detrimental effects tar and tobacco have.

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Eczema: Causes, Symptoms and Foolproof Home Remedies

Medically known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin disease which occurs due to a combination of environmental (bacteria, allergens) and inherited factors that make some individuals more prone to contract this skin condition than others. Although eczema is not a contagious skin disorder, it affects people of all ages, including newborns and infants. According to statistics, over 15 million Americans suffer from eczema at one point in their lives. The main symptom of eczema, although not constant is itching. This extremely common skin disorder has no cure; however specialized treatment can relieve symptoms and prevent further outbreaks on the skin area affected by eczema. In addition to conventional treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, there are several natural remedies with proven effectiveness in eczema relief.

Causes of Eczema

While the underlying causes of this skin condition are not fully known by medical specialists and researchers, it is believed that the presence of Celia disease and various forms of allergies might trigger the occurrence of eczema in some people. Individuals who have dry skin or who subject their skin to extreme temperatures are prone to developing eczema. Daily stress is also another potential cause of this skin disorder and it can worsen the symptoms. Consumption of foods such as dairy, peanuts, eggs and fish might also trigger symptoms associated with eczema. In addition, direct and long-term exposure to various air pollutants, allergens and irritants might make the already present symptoms worse.

Risk Factors of Eczema

  1. Exposure of the skin to harsh conditions ( an environment with low humidity, too hot/too cold water, too hot/too cold temperatures)
  2. Improper hygiene, which is also responsible for causing allergic conditions as well as asthma; many people experience an allergic reaction to house dust mites, which in turn triggers the occurrence of eczema;
  3. Genetic factors, including a family history of allergies to various plants, foods or certain chemicals
  4. Young age – 65% of the cases involve infants under the age of 1; small children under the age of 5 are the most affected (90% of the cases).
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