Newly Single? Don’t Fall Victim to the Valentine’s Day Blahs

When you’ve recently suffered from a breakup, there are few things worse than seeing happy couples and romance. The hearts, flowers and sickening sentiment of Valentine’s Day can almost make the whole situation even worse. But why stay at home, climb into a tub of ice cream and wallow in misery? This V-Day, instead of spending your hard-earned cash on someone who doesn’t appreciate it, you can spend it on making sure you have a great time. Gather up your single friends and make some plans. This could turn out to be the best V-Day yet.

Just because you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the whole day is ruined. In fact, the pressure of V-Day is officially off your shoulders this year, meaning you don’t have to get presents, write cards or even go out for an expensive and crowded dinner. Instead, think about treating yourself. Getting a group of your single pals together can be equally, if not more fun than a date. Get your creative juices flowing and start dreaming up a great way to spend the day.

Mothers are Making Positive Steps to Decrease Drunk Driving

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t drink and drive. However, after having a few beers, that drive home doesn’t seem like any problem at all. After all, you’re sober, right? Wrong! Depending on your sex, height and weight, reaching the 0.08 blood alcohol limit is relatively easy to achieve with just a couple of cocktails, beers or a few glasses of wine. Though you may feel perfectly sober, a Breathalyzer test will see it differently, thus putting you in jeopardy of picking up a DUI arrest or even getting in an accident. So how can you avoid this?

The fight against drunk driving and preventing DUI accidents has gone high-tech, thanks to a push from Mothers against Drunk Driving (MADD). According to a recent post on their blog, new technology and prototypes are currently in development that would prevent a drunk driver from even having the ability to start the vehicle. An invisible, automobile-grade system would be able to detect alcohol use from a person’s breath.

Need A New Job? Five Growing Careers That People With Sales Experience Should Consider

Experience in sales is beneficial for advancing in a current career field and opportunities in other industries and areas. The skills gained from a sales position create job candidates who have the communication, interpersonal, customer service and computer proficiency skills to be successful in any career. Here are a few opportunities for candidates with sales experience to consider when looking for a new career:

Product Promoter

Product promoters are an integral part of the sales industry. When products are stocked on store shelves, from hardware to beauty products, product promoters are often behind the scenes demonstrating the products to sell to the stores. Product promoters are also part of floor shows in almost every industry. They must be able to work well with others and be comfortable speaking in front of large groups.

Six Signs You’re a Terrible Driver

Each of us has that friend or family member who should have never been given their driver’s permit. Their habits on the road have engrained fear deep within the hearts of countless brave people who were able to muster the courage, or ignorance, that enabled them to ride in the passenger seat. If you do not know what I am talking about, then there is a chance that this driver may be you. The following are six signs you are a terrible driver.

Excessive Horns

The occasional honk while on the road from other drivers is expected. However, if it becomes a symphony every time you hit the road, then maybe you are doing something wrong. If you don’t know if people are honking at you because your radio is playing too loud, then you’re definitely doing it wrong.


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