Staged Accidents: A Common Threat for Drivers

Scam artists today seek every opportunity to take advantage of people and rob unsuspecting individuals of their money. Once thought of primarily as pickpockets, fortune tellers, and card cheats, scammers today can be as seemingly innocuous as the family driving next to you on the highway.

This con, also known as “cash for crash” or “slam-ons” have been around for many years but has become more prevalent as crafty slicksters find more creative ways to bilk insurance companies and unsuspecting motorist. Most commonly, the con sets up or manipulates a scenario in which they are hit from behind by the victim. This is a very organized operation, often involving tow truck drivers, and even medical professionals who partner with cooks to file fake claims. 

The Benefits of a Virtual Call Center

When you’re the owner of a small and growing business, quality customer service is one of the key elements to your success. However, when you run a smaller-scale operation, finding the time to respond to every customer personally can be difficult. When your phone goes unanswered or to voicemail, potential customers can get frustrated and simply decide to contact your competitor. When you can’t get to the phone as often as you’d like, having dedicated customer relations staff on hand can improve consumer trust in your brand, but many find it difficult in terms of space and finances to employ operators. How does a business owner find balance?

Are Diamonds Still a Girl’s Best Friend?

Everyone knows that a diamond ring is the most popular choice for an engagement, but it can become difficult for people to determine what type of jewelry they should purchase for other special events such as Valentine’s Day.

In fact, the gem choice that you make can say a lot about the current status of your relationship, so it is important to make a careful selection based on how long the two of you have been together. After all, although a woman might enjoy receiving an expensive pair of diamond earrings for Valentine’s Day, this is not necessarily a good choice if you have only been a couple for a few weeks.

4 Healthy Essentials For Mr. Mom

One of the greatest privileges of parenting is being able to stay at home. More and more, fathers are choosing to be primary caregivers during the day as a stay-at-home dad. This allows them to spend quality time with their children and save on child care expenses while raising happy, healthy children. They can also be productive with the following four essentials.

1. Infant Play Yard

This brilliant piece of infant gear is a must-have for every dad. As much as your child deserves your constant attention, you can’t humanly achieve this goal. However, while you spend time catching up on emails, paying bills and housework, you can feel secure knowing that your infant is safe. The play yard for babies is comfortable, soft and made out of materials that are machine washable. This ensures that they play in a germ-free and clean environment.

Valentine’s Day Can be A Blast or A Crash

Valentine’s Day is celebrated throughout the nation. Loved ones giving gifts, expressing their gratitude towards one another. It also signifies fun events, dinners, socializing and drinking. The combination of the four can often equal disaster and crash the party, with a turnout of events that can be fatal as well.

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that in 2011 there were over 38,000 vehicle accidents in the city of Houston. This averages to at least one crash every 15 minutes. These statistics also show that a large portion of the car accidents take place on holidays. New Year’s Eve, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Valentine’s Day are the leading holidays for crashes.


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