Public Speaking: How to Improve Your Self Confidence

Some people absolutely love public speaking, and those who are not very confident as public speakers, often wish that they could be as confident. However, these same people may not have tried these three tactics that will give them the confidence they need on stage to be amazing speakers who reach people in any setting. If you are feeling nervous, take time to use these tips and feel more confident before it begins.

Prepare Comments, Not Speeches

While people may be impressed by politicians who speak in public on a regular basis, it is wise to remember that even the President has notes that accompany his speeches. Essentially, his speeches are sets of commentary that he strings into a series of thoughts that sound like a speech. Comedians do the same thing. They go on stage tasked with making people laugh, and they may some carefully-written jokes, but the content that gets them to the jokes can be written on note cards. They have comments that get them to the punchline, in short your entire routine is not written out.


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