4 Healthy Essentials For Mr. Mom

One of the greatest privileges of parenting is being able to stay at home. More and more, fathers are choosing to be primary caregivers during the day as a stay-at-home dad. This allows them to spend quality time with their children and save on child care expenses while raising happy, healthy children. They can also be productive with the following four essentials.

1. Infant Play Yard

This brilliant piece of infant gear is a must-have for every dad. As much as your child deserves your constant attention, you can’t humanly achieve this goal. However, while you spend time catching up on emails, paying bills and housework, you can feel secure knowing that your infant is safe. The play yard for babies is comfortable, soft and made out of materials that are machine washable. This ensures that they play in a germ-free and clean environment.

Most also come equipped with educational toys that make learning fun. You can even add your child’s own favorites, so they learn how to play independently. Working from home can take you from room to room since your play yard is easy and lightweight to transport. This allows you to keep a close watch over them from anywhere. It also does double duty for your crib when it’s time to put your little one down for a nap. This helps you spend more time accomplishing your daily duties and less time running around checking on them in their room.

2. Jogging Stroller

A jogging stroller is an essential piece of equipment for busy stay-at-home dads. When the weather is nice, you can make break times special by taking your child out and exploring the outdoor world around them. Breaks are an important part of any home parent’s day, as it allows you to spend healthy, quality time with your child.

It can also clear your head and make you feel refreshed to tackle the rest of your chores. The jogging stroller also makes it easy for busy dads to stay fit because it absorbs the shock and allows you to move freely without jostling your child. The stroller can also come in handy indoors during phone calls when you need your child quiet. The movement can calm them and lull them to sleep.

3. Cellphone Applications

Today’s latest technological advances have made it easy for stay-at-home dads to stay organized and on schedule. Between alarms for feeding reminders, calendars, notepads, clocks and calculators, you can easily stay on task. You’ll also find banking, newspaper, pedometers, stock market and magazine applications that allow dads to stay connected and healthy from anywhere while taking care of everyday tasks.

4. Infant Body Sling

It can be challenging to get things done around the home throughout the day with a baby. Most infant’s enjoy being held and want to be close to their parents. An infant sling can keep your little one close, while allowing you some hands-free time to get to your checklist. This is especially helpful for newborns because it mimics the feelings of being in the womb.

Stay-at-home dads are dealt many challenges throughout the day. However, with the above essential tips and products, you can find it easy to adopt to your new role in the family household.

Nadine Swayne submits this information for all stay at home dads who have decided to step up to the challenge. Whether you choose a jogging stroller or use a play yard for babies, there are many options to make the important job of child rearing, healthy, easier and productive.


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