4 Unique Wedding Planning Trends You Shouldn’t Forget

Getting engaged and planning for the most unforgettable day of your life is a very daunting task. It means you have to finally make the decision to commit to one person for the rest of your life. After answering this question, it is important to plan out for the big day to make it as romantic as much as you don’t want to forget it for the rest of your life. There are so many wedding ideas that you’d want to consider, but it’s also important to make it suit to the trends of the day. Try making an inspirational board to gather as much inspiration as you can. This will help you a lot in discovering the look and mood you want to set for your big day. It’s also an ideal tool to use when discussing wedding ideas with your vendor. Read on and find out some inspirational wedding planning trends that you might want for your wedding day.

Go Green

Go eco-friendly with a green wedding theme. Green is in today. In fact, a lot of couples are looking for ways to protect the environment by choosing organic and recyclable materials, as well as offsetting the impact their guests’ travel will have on earth. Having a green wedding makes statement to your guests about the importance not just of protecting the earth, but also of making the most without wasting so much.

Develop floral vision

Flowers are very essential in completing your wedding day, so be sure to choose wedding flowers that will enhance the look and feel of your home. You might want a sea of white roses flooding the guest tables, or a glorious bouquet filled with gardenias and stephanotis, and radiant white calla lilies in your bridesmaids’ hands. Your wedding flowers set the stage for your dream wedding, and they have to work with the flavor of your day. They also have to work with your budget. So don’t decide on anything unless you have set your wedding’s theme.

Opt for a secondhand or vintage outfit

Vintage weddings are in these days. Vintage outfits actually sport a classic or elegant appeal. The gown can be easily altered to fit your body and style. When buying secondhand clothing, it’s wise to be very careful. If possible, see the item in person so you can check for tips, stains or irregularities. If the item will be shipped, don’t be shy about asking for lots of photos from various angles. If possible, pay with a credit card of through a third-party payer in case you run into a problem.

Be unique with your party favors

Go for unique wedding party favors. Cute shower party favors, such as small plants, sachets, scented soaps, candles or bath oils, a decorated tin full of colored jelly beans or pastel candies, tiny glass vases with fresh-cut flowers, homemade brownies or pretty cookies wrapped in colorful cellophane and ribbon, a box of festive tea bags or coffees, miniature books, picture frames, stationery or pretty notepads, are just some exciting and unique wedding favors that your guests will definitely want to bring home!

Author bio: Manilyn Moreno is a freelance writer for a catering software company and caterer. She writes articles on event planning, party hosting, wedding preparation tips, and recipes.

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