5 Body Parts That Modern Medicine Can Replace

Medical science has come a long way, and doctors can now replace several body parts. This allows people to continue enjoying their independence, range of motion and high quality of life. Here are just five of the amazing replacement surgeries people can benefit from today.

A Beautiful Smile

Your teeth aren’t just for grinding and breaking down food. They are also important for maintaining the shape of your face and a beautiful smile. When teeth are missing, it affects your overall appearance. There was a time when dentists could only replace missing teeth with bridges or dentures, but people can now benefit from dental tooth implants. With permanent implants, single teeth can be permanently replaced to ensure that you maintain your beautiful smile.

Artificial Hips

Hip pain can be unbearable, but the good news is that people don’t have to live with it. A prosthetic socket and ball can effectively replace aging hips and allow people to continue their active lifestyles. In addition to replacing hips that are seriously broken in accidents, doctors can also replace hips that are wearing down from arthritis.

Great Hearing

Hearing aids have been around for more than a century, but doctor’s have only recently learned how to replace this particular body part. Technicians start with 3-D scans of the head to match the new ear to the existing one. The skin tone is carefully matched so that the prosthetic ears will look natural.

The Largest Organ

Your skin is the largest organ on the body, and doctors can now rebuild it. There was a time when a serious burn could be a death sentence. It had to be removed to save the patient, but that left the person at risk for dehydration, shock and secondary infections. In 1980, researchers discovered that a synthetic skin membrane could be used to cover the skin while new cells grew, but procuring the new cells was still a problem. Doctors can now send a biopsy of the victim’s skin to a lab where the cells can divide and divide until they form an entire sheet of skin.

Bladder Promise

The bladder is the first complex human organ to be effectively rebuilt in a lab and then replaced. It takes less than two months for a new bladder to be grown, and this is an incredible advancement in medical technology because it means fewer people will die while waiting for a transplant.

The ability to replace body parts is truly remarkable, and medical technology continues to advance and improve. Failing joints, missing teeth, your skin and even body organs can now be replaced by a team of doctors and lab technicians. This helps people continue to maintain a high quality of life, enjoy their health and continue living independently.

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