5 Christmas Gifts Only A Nerd Could Want

With a little bit of pop culture, a couple of nifty gadgets and just a little creativity, it’s easy to get great gifts for the nerd in your life this holiday season. Check out this handy gift guide for five quick ideas to get you started.

Stay Puft Gourmet Caffeinated Marshmallows

Inspired by the fluffy, lovable, city-destroying marshmallow man in the nerd cult classic Ghostbusters, these gourmet marshmallows include an added kick of caffeine for those grueling online gaming sessions or Star Trek backlog marathons. At last, you too can feast on the famous sugary treat that nearly destroyed New York in 1984.

Star Wars LED Light Saber Flashlight

This awesome light saber flashlight should come with a warning: Your nerd is guaranteed to love this gift beyond all reason, but you will, without a doubt, be subjected to wild flashlight flailing, light saber noises, and movie catchphrases as they battle the dark side. With a handy little utility clip, this flashlight ensures that the force will be with you everywhere, lighting the way.

JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick For iPhone

This handy little removable joystick is compatible with the iPhone touch screen for a retro revolution that gives you better control and precision over thousands of different iPhone game apps. Available from ThinkGeek, this joystick is totally wireless, attaches just by pressing it down on your iPhone screen, and removes just as easily. You can ever use a pair for a dual-stick gaming experience that retro game fans will love.

Explorer WiFi Digital Handheld Microscope

This wireless digital microscope delivers crisp images magnified up to 80 times on the screen of your devices, connecting via WiFi to up to three devices at once. This powerful little microscope is compatible with both Android and iOS with the help of a free app, for amazing visuals delivered right to your iPad, phone or tablet. Available at http://www.microscope.com/ this microscope features six built in LED lights that cast white light for sharp and crystal clear images, and an optional stand provides viewing stability and a handy display when not in use.

Nerd Hoodie

This soft and cozy hoodie bears the added advantage of coming pre-loaded with a ready answer to a question that smart and tech-savvy nerds are growing tired of dodging. It makes a thoughtful and direct gift, like a “No, I will not help you move” bumper sticker for the friend with a truck, only better, because this fluffy hoodie also keeps your nerd warm.

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