5 Social Media Musts! – How To Improve Your Social Following

Social media has taken the world by storm, instantly becoming a part of the daily lives of most citizens of the modern world. You may have joined several social media networks to keep up with the latest fad, but now realize that your only followers are a few random spammers and fake accounts. So how do you build a respectable social media following? While you could spend all day posting and reading other people’s posts, it is likely that such action would only result in your day becoming entirely unproductive. Here are a few basic tips to improve the relevance of your social media profiles.

1. Personalize Your Layout

Think of a social media profile as an apartment. When you first move in, the walls are all white, no furniture or art spruces up the décor, and no smells of fresh baked bread or roasted poultry fill the air with a delectable aroma. But you mean to change that, and that’s why you bring in all of your possessions and turn a house into a home. Social media functions in much the same way, and you should look at your profile as an empty apartment, ready to be filled with your content. Delete the default profile picture and add your own banner, background, avatar, colors, and other touches. Then start posting away.

2. Provide Meaningful Content

Would you follow yourself on Twitter or like your own page on Facebook if you were an unrelated passerby? If the answer is no, change that! Post a funny comment or meem every few days to brighten the day of your audience. Then fill in the time between with pictures, interesting facts and news, personal anecdotes, and a whole range of personalized content. Give people a reason to follow you, and they will.

3. Interact with Other Social Media Users, Even Non-Followers

Join the social media conversation, and become a meaningful contributor to this world of public interaction. Whether it’s a simple observation of an unnoticed, but meaningful occurrence or just a response to a video, photo, or other comment, your interaction with other social media users can get your profile needed attention, attention that can lead other users to follow you. But at the same time, don’t join the band of scammers, spammers, and bullies on social media. Use your account to offer positive reactions or understandable negative ones, not to simply bash another user or cause long arguments.

4. Don’t Overextend Yourself

If you really want to utilize the power of social media, you must limit the number of profiles you maintain, and instead concentrate on filling those ones with quality visual content and meaningful text. The more accounts you have, the more time you will spend maintaining them; therefore, fewer is always better. Don’t join another network simply because it seems popular. When the initial excitement wears away, your account will go dormant, just like hundreds of other similar fad accounts.

5. Join Trending Topics and Posting Patterns

Every social media network has its own pulse and patterns of behavior. While going with the flow is not always the best course of action, resisting any and all trends is a certain way to leave your social media presence forgotten and in the shadows. Instead, focus on trends that are positive and help to build larger followings. Follow Friday is one such trend, and is a highly popular method not only to mention your fans, but also to find new accounts to follow. By using this trend to your advantage, you can gain many followers each week. However, feel free to explore your own style. Who knows, you may accidently post the hashtag of the century or start a viral photo or video campaign, all without knowing.

Abi writes for The Fellow Way, purveyors of the finest quality tailored board shorts and surfing accessories.

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