75 year old ‘Soul Train’ Creator Commits Suicide

Don Cornelius, the famous man who created the television music series ‘Soul Train’ died on Wednesday. He was found dead in his apartment around one o clock on February 1. He was found dead in his California home in Sherman Oaks. The police say there is no evidence of foul play and that it is an apparent suicide.

He was taken to hospital when the police found him with a gunshot wound and he was pronounced dead at 4am. Though there was no evidence of foul play, the investigation about his death is still ongoing. Soul train was an American musical variety show that exposed Americans to black pop culture, hip hop, jazz and R&B. The show began in 1971 and went on till 2006. Even after ending the show, the reruns went on for two years.

Don Cornelius not only created the show but he was also its first host and executive producer. Apart from his distinctive voice and spontaneous style, he was also famous for his lines that he ended his shows with. Soul train will remain iconic for pop culture. It is still referenced in movies and television shows. Till date, it remains the show that has stayed longest on air in years.

The family and friends are devastated. Tributes from all over world have started to pour in. His friends recall him as a kind, funny and a brilliant man. His friends also say his contribution to TV and music could never be matched by anyone.

The kind of television he provided is said to have changed lives. The show helped clear cultural barriers. He showed an opening for the black youth community.

It was a great show in a time when you could watch it only on television had the audience it deserved. People would try so hard not to miss it. It provided that quality content rich with music, fashion and culture that people coveted.

His death comes as a shock to most. But he was said to be having trouble with his health. He also had brain surgery done due to a stroke. Apart from the health issues, he also went to court for beating his wife. Despite everything people have heard the world is sadder to see a visionary gone.

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