A grand countdown for London Olympics with the culmination of Olympia Torch Lighting

Thursday (May-10-2012) will be known and remembered as the day when the countdown to the London Olympics began with the ignition of the games torch by the sun’s rays in ancient Olympia-Greece. The day was bright and warm at the place of this ancient Olympics stadium. The event started with the actress Ino Menegaki played the role of high priestess and prayed sun god Apollo. Within a few seconds the Olympic torch ignited at the ancient ruins of the Temple of Hera through the help of a parabolic mirror prior to seventy eight days of the starting of the grand Olympic Games.

The first torch bearer of this relay event was Sypros Gianniotis who is a Greek swimmer having won the gold medal in the 10-km open water event at the 2011 world championships. The second torch bearer of this event was Alexander Loukos who is a Briton of Greek origin. The seven day Greek Leg of this relay will end of May-17 with the Olympic Flame being delegated to the London organizers on that day and later on flown to Britain.

Making a brief speech on this occasion, the President of the International Olympic Committee or IOC Mr. Jacques Rogge said that this ceremony will culminate into a final countdown to a dream that came to life seven years ago in Singapore, when London was selected to host the Olympic Games of 2012. This is the last torch ceremony of Mr. Jacques Rogge who will step down next year after serving as the President of International Olympic Committee for a period of twelve years.

Vast contingent of Police-

A vast contingent of police were deployed at the premises of this ancient site and in the town of Olympia in order to quell any security issues and to make sure that the event happens without any stray incidents of violence or arson. Precautions have been taken due to the events that happened during the Beijing Olympics ceremony in which a group of human rights activists briefly disrupted the Beijing Olympics ceremony.

The British leg of the event-

The British leg of the event will be 70-days that will use 80,000 torchbearers, taking into account 1018 communities, travelling about 12,800 km around the countryside and 1085 meters summit of Snow don and finally ending inside the Olympics stadium during the opening day of the Olympic Games.   

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