A grand finale to the Royal Celebrations that reached to its ecstatic height by ending with the Queens Thanks Giving Ceremony

At last, the curtains were down on the weeklong celebrations that marked the 60th year of ascending of the throne by Her Highness Queen Elizabeth. On Tuesday, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth waved from her Buckingham Palace balcony to the cheering masses and thanked millions of well-wishers for their public affection. Millions of people who came from tiny villages, countryside, and representing different communities of Great Britain waved “Union Jack” flags braving the harsh weather conditions and lined up to catch a glimpse of the processions along the seven miles of the river bank.

The diamond jubilee celebration is the biggest and the second one to be celebrated with much fanfare by a British monarch. But the absence of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth and one of the senior most member of the royal family  did reduced some amount of rejoice from this celebration.   It is one of the few grand state occasions in the queen’s life when he was not present.  However, these celebrations were widely seen as a grand victory for the royal family that has strengthened popularity of the Queen and the monarchy.

The queen led a horse drawn carriage procession to Buckingham Palace in an open top with Prince Charles and Camilla, while the military bands played and 60-gun salute was fired. The other members of the royal family that participated in this ceremony included the heir to the throne, Prince Charles along with his wife Camilla, Prince William accompanied by his wife Kate, and Prince Harry waved to the crowd from the balcony of the Buckingham palace.

The grand mall avenue that leads to the queen’s London residence was colorful with well-wishers in a mixture of red, blue, and white attires thronging the road to hail the queen that was followed by fly past that was led by the Royal Air Force squadron with their acrobatic team flying “Spitfires” that won the Battle of Britain.

The closure of celebrations outside the Buckingham Palace concluded with the soldiers firing the rifle salute and then pushing up their bearskin hats up in the air and leading the crowds beyond the gates by raising three cheers to the reigning Queen Elizabeth- the only British Monarch after Queen Victoria- to have sat on the throne for 60 years.

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