A new era in the history of space exploration – Space X – The Unmanned rocket lifts off to space

space exploration A big leap towards the exploration of space has been made in the United States with the launching of Space X rocket which is owned privately by the Space Exploration Technologies that blasted off from the Cape Carnival Air Force Station. This is a mission that is designed for the first commercial flight to the International Space Station.

This Falcon 9 rocket is 178 foot (54 meter) tall has lifted off from the renovated launch pad. After ten minutes of its launch, the rocket released out its cargo named – Dragon capsule with about 1200 pounds of cargo supplies to the station crew into the orbit.

The Dragon capsule will take about a day to reach the space station’s orbit. The capsule will also pull out its maneuvers and test its navigations aids and communication systems. NASA hopes to clear the Dragon capsule for berthing at the space station on Friday.

The launching of Space-X marked the first test flight coming from the stables of a privately owned company to reach the space station. In case, the test flight becomes successful then Space-X would mark the beginning of the private companies other than NASA to reach the space station. At present NASA is depending on Russia to fly crew to the station that is costing it more than $60 million per person.

Space X is founded by an internet entrepreneur Elon Musk in which Orbital Sciences Corp holds contracts worth $3.5 billion to fly the cargo to the station. NASA also made its contribution in the form of $400 million to Space-X’s $1.2 billion commercial space program. The offer made to Space-X include development and launching of up to three flights of Falcon-9’ rockets and Dragon capsules.

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