A Police Officer’s Ambition

There is a conspiracy within the law enforcement branch of the US government that is pathetic.  If you see a cop drive past you, a motto is plastered against their doors falsely stating “to serve and protect.”  They shoot and arrest urban youth, and take orders from demonic men in powerful positions whose sole purpose is to hide secrets that I now wish to unload and allow the Holy Ghost to explode.  Cops are arrogant, condescending cronies who have an agenda that is trash in my opinion with a revolting foundation that is purely satanic, corrupt and most of all Machiavellian.

America is all about money, power and respect, a mind-boggling competition that only the weak fold to.  When American citizens put their guard down because they want to reflect, then unfortunately their time will run out and lose to someone who is so much more aggressive and determined to take over their assets whether they be monetary holdings, political blessings from a debased government, or intellectual clarity.  Cops, who I want to forever be labeled pigs, know this and make alliances under the table and then have the audacity to act like they are doing some good in the world, protecting God-fearing communities but in reality infecting the youth with a bastardly mental development that has been plaguing good people for centuries spurred by the realest gang in the world: the Illuminati.

America is a Christian nation so where is the freedom to make mistakes and be forgiven, no matter how foul and retarded in God’s eyes they might be.  However don’t get ahead of yourself reader; there are limitations to this insight.  I am thankful that police officers arrest rapists, thieves, vicious murderers and drug dealers who destroy lives by pushing poison.  The thing is they don’t patrol corporate high-rollers who hoard from their employees, regulate madmen at churches who preach absolute nonsense, and MOST IMPORTANTLY refuse to act more like fathers to the ghetto and instead end up just being a bunch of eternally damned bullies who ride around looking for their next victim.  Where is the love pigs?

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