A severe backlash from the users of Facebook on email switch

The most popular social networking site Facebook is facing a wave of agitations from its users when it changed the email address with the address of the face book. This change has drawn flak among most of its users as they feel they were quite annoyed about how Face book has taken this major decision without seeking prior permission.

Face book first gave indication about the move in April when it released a statement that it was updating addresses on the Face book to make them consistent across its site. At that time majority of them did not take the issue seriously. The emails sent to @facebook.com addresses will appear alongside the posts sent through the network’s internal message system that allows the users to pick up both types of communications from the same place.

This drastic change made by the Face book was first noticed and pointed out by the bloggers over this weekend and thereon spread on to the media houses on Monday leading to a cacophony among the Face book users. Face book spokeswoman Jillian Stefanki issued a statement that the site is also rolling out a setting that allows its users to decide which email addresses to show on their pages.

Analysts are of the view that this effort could back fire and it smells of the same move when Google did with its Buzz product in a hurry without intimating the people and thereby attracting severe criticism from the users. The rival social network Twitter received some messages posted on its site suggesting that the users were quite annoyed by this abrupt move of Face book.

Face book has an option for rectifying the change by opting for edit button in their profile which is located next to their contact information. There they had to make their Face book email address “hidden from timeline button” through a click and if they wish can make one or more of their other preferred addresses visible. A silver line emerging out of this controversy is that some of the users had supported the move by sending complimentary messages.

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