A Smart Eater

No matter who you are, you have to eat something to give you energy.  Food provides sustenance and fuel for the day.  It should be appreciated and kind to our taste buds; without it we wouldn’t be able to carry out the task at hand.  There is and abundance of fast food chains, super markets and restaurants in America catering to customers who have a preference to what is being offered.  As children we grew up forming our likingand disliking to certain foods and as a result we now have culinary and dining bias.  Nonetheless it is exciting to know that people yearning for a change in their diet always have the opportunity to expand their horizons concerning what they eat.  New recipes and delicacies are always being introduced to the public making it evident that the evolution of food will never be over.

It is important to note that cooking from home is a much more cost-efficient and, healthy practice.  Yes, I know that we always have the option to go the fast food route and save money but there are reasons why preparing food from home is more beneficial.  It goes without saying that the amount of money a modern family spends at their favorite restaurant is much more expensive than if they bought the ingredients and cooked in their own kitchen.   Not only is the food cheaper,but alsoit is healthier.  Moreover, the process of preparing food at home brings the family closer together.

Following a recipe to the tee is what someone should do when he plans to cook at home.  A recipe has characteristics that one should be aware of:

  • The name of the dish and country of origin
  • How long it will take to prepare
  • The necessary ingredients and portions that should be added
  • A list of cooking directions that follow an order
  • The number of servings

When we make the decision to start cooking for ourselves and go on the search for a suitable recipe, we should first have a foundation of healthy foods we want to use that are inexpensive.

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