A Step By Step Guide To Help You When Injured

When you are injured at work, your employer should have a standard process for you to follow. Following the proper procedures will ensure that your injury is handled correctly and that you are properly compensated for time missed from work. Below is a step-by-step guide to follow if you are injured on the job.

Reporting Your Injury

First and foremost, you want to assess your injury. If you feel you need urgent help, call 911 immediately. If you do not feel that calling 911 is necessary, you should take care of your injury, report the injury to your boss and file an injury report. If your injury is serious, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer Lafayette LA to receive legal advice.

Safety Gear

If you work in a location that requires you to wear safety equipment, hopefully you had on your safety boots, glasses and any other safety gear required when you received your injury. These things do help prevent injuries, but if you do get injured, the injuries should not be as bad as they would be if you had no safety gear on.

Receiving Medical Attention

After your injury, if you think you need medical attention, find a co-worker to take you to the hospital. You should never attempt to drive yourself when you are injured. Go to the closest urgent care facility or emergency room. When you go to sign-in, make sure the hospital staff is aware that this injury happened to you at work so that the proper paperwork is processed.

Following Doctors Orders

Once the doctor checks you out, you will be given a medical script stating if you can or cannot return to work. You might be out of work for the day, a week, or several weeks depending on the extent of your injury. You might be able to go back to work with work restrictions. You might have to perform other job duties such as answering phones, filing and other general office work. If you are given a job at work temporarily until the injury is healed, you cannot collect workman’s compensation since you will be getting paid from work.

Injury Report

After seeing the doctor, you should return to work to fill out an injury report. You will need to give a detailed description of what occurred. Do your best to explain things as accurately as possible. You should list any co-workers that were involved or anyone that saw you get hurt. You will have to write down some ways you feel the accident might have been prevented. Once the report is complete, you and your boss both sign the form.

Workman’s Compensation

If the accident was due to your own negligence, you will still be covered by your workman’s compensation insurance. Your hospital visits, doctors’ visits and any treatments you receive with regard to your injury will all be covered. While you are out of work, workman’s compensation will cover part of your lost wages as well.

Always contact an attorney if you receive a serious injury so that you know what your legal rights are.

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