A surprise package from the Virgin Mobile – Unveiling it’s prepay iphone 4S for just $30 per month

Virgin mobile USA announced the launch of its iPhone 4S prepay services thus becoming the seventh U.S. wireless company to carry the iPhone. Another surprise package from its stables is the offering of prepay plan service that will be available only for $30 per month for the U.S. consumers. However, the consumers are required to pay the full retail price for the iPhone that costs $649 for a basic model that will be available for sale from June.29th.

Overall, the phone costs about $1269 for two years of services excluding the taxes. Virgin Mobile now becomes the U.S.’s second carrier to offer the iPhone on a prepay basis. The pricing structure being offered seems quite unusual as Virgin is expecting its’ customers to pay $649 for the 16 GB phone 4S and $549 for its one-year old phone iPhone 4.

However, the other side of the coin is that this plan for the U.S. customers is cheapest iPhone Plan offered for just $35 per month including 300 Voice Minutes with an unlimited voice plan that is available for $50 per month. The plan’s price is reduced further to $30 per month in case, the customer signs up for an automatic monthly billing. This price tag is $25 per month less than that being offered by Cricket’s prepaid service through its parent Leap Wireless International Inc. and is also less than the half the cost of the cheapest plans offered by other carriers.

Other features of this plan include no fees for activation or roaming. However, the data speeds are restricted once the user reaches 2.5 GB per month. This sales strategy of Virgin mobile involves catching up with the users who are prepared to pay full price for the phone itself and in return getting benefits by expending lower monthly rents to the company. The main question however remains whether the U.S. consumers would be prepared to pay for the high upfront cost of the iPhone.

Mr. Richard Branson – founder of the Virgin Group expressed that getting the iPhone for their fans would be an appropriate way for celebrating its ten years of doing business in the United States.

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