Adventure in America

The United States of America is a very diverse country comprising of varied geographical regions. The first people to settle down in this region were of Asian descent between 4000-6000 years ago. The first European to set foot on this land was Leif Erickson when he landed on the coast of Newfoundland in the 11th century. But the first European whose travels lead to the colonization of this region is Columbus. It has a very distinctive topography composed which encompasses large mountains and hills, it has the world’s fourth longest river system and also the famous Rocky Mountains.

America also has many places where you can experience the same amount of fun and thrill as going to Mount Everest or any other place outside of America. It has vast expanses of wilderness and a countryside which is worthy of seeing. You might be amazed to see the geographical diversity and varied wildlife which provides umpteen opportunities for having a great adventure and which many people haven’t seen or experienced yet. One of the places that might be interesting to see in this vast expanse of breathtaking sceneries is the Grand Canyon and if you wish to have a riotous adventure then you will be really glad to know that there is rafting facility available in the Colorado River. It’s very thrilling to tread the river on a raft which takes you places that might let you see the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and also takes you through the sandstone canyon walls while having a rafting experience which takes you through raging rapids testing your ability to have fun and stay put on your boat. The next best place that might attract you isthe Yosemite’s dome or Half Dome. It is a huge rock formation in the Yosemite National Park which might be just the place to have a very thrilling adventure to go camping and spend a night in the Little Yosemite valley. You can also take the cable route which starts from the valley floor and ends in the Northeast Ridge of the Half Dome. Climbing peaks can also provide the fun you might be looking far and the best way to do it is to climb the Denali or the Mt McKinley. You have to be brave to do so as this adventure might take a lot of courage and you have to stand in the way of unrelenting winds while you are on your way to the summit which sits pretty at 20,320 feet providing a spectacular view of the surrounding terrain .Oregon’s devil’s staircase is the best place for adventure seekers as it is a place which is deeply located in Oregon’s coastal will prove to be very adventurous for the curious to find the waterfall that the area is named after, The Devil’s Staircase. There’s still much to see in the U.S, it’s just that we have to start exploring.

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