Aliens on the Horizon?

Aliens on the HorizonThe Solar Heliospheric Observatory or (SOHO) that was launched in 1995 to study the Sun, in a joint endeavor by NASA and the European Space Agency has been at pains lately to explain what some observers feel are UFO’s very close to the sun.

SOHO was supposed to have lasted only about 2 years, but is still active nearly 20 years on, sending back images of the surface of the sun that are today helping scientists predict solar flares and other solar weather activity so as to prepare and forewarn people on Earth for any radiation that comes our way. Such as the Solar activity that took place a few months ago sparking beautiful aurora borealis sightings and warnings about radio outages.

A lot of sun related information is easily accessible to the public on the SOHO website; this includes images that have been constructed from the observations sent back by the instruments onboard the observatory. This kind of content is also available at the Solar Dynamic Observatory which is a NASA undertaking.

The videos that are most popular are usually those that either show solar flares, or those that show comet fly-bys or collisions, of and on through the years though there have been people who have interpreted these videos as showing UFO’s hovering near the sun. Some people believe that these UFO’s are either taking energy from the sun, preparing to invade Earth, a clocked alien ship near Mercury etc.

Scientists and SOHO have always found an alternative explanation for all of these sightings. There are websites on which they explain how an image can be misinterpreted to seem to show a UFO. But ultimately as is the case with anything that is completely unknown each side will continue to believe their version as the truth. Science cannot definitively say that alien life does not exist and until we know one way or the other, conspiracy theorists will remain ever watchful, either in fear or in anticipation of the day that they do actually see the real thing.


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