Amazing Lifestyle: Five Exciting Things You Should Add To Your Bucket List

Creating a bucket list is truly one of the keys to building an amazing lifestyle for yourself. Having a list will help you visualize the tasks you want to do. Of course, making the list is your first step. For some, the tasks will come easy. For others, a little inspiration is necessary.

Visit a New Country

Visiting unfamiliar territory can be exhilarating. Set your sights on a location you have had your sights on but never found the time to visit. Cambodia, Chile and France are great options. If leaving the country isn’t an option for you, consider making it your plan to visit all 50 states.

Read All the Classics

Some of the best journeys are the ones we go on without leaving the house. Collect a stack of classic novels to read and learn why they have such a solid reputation over the years. You could even combine this challenge with the challenge to travel. See all the sites from your favorite novels and the locations that inspired your favorite authors.

Challenge Yourself to Go Without

While many items on bucket lists are geared toward adventures, some pose a challenge instead. This will push you to your limit but also give you a new zest for life. Limit or eliminate your intake of coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat or anything else that you think you could do without. You might even find that your new way of life makes you feel healthier.

Experience the Water in a New Way

Whether you live near the beach, lake or a pond, you should strive to make your next visit to the water an exciting one. Go on a whale watching cruise, kayak or swim with dolphins. Seeing a substance as ordinary as water in an extraordinary way will change your view on life

Random Acts of Kindness

Some of the most rewarding moments in life come from doing something good for somebody else. Dedicate your time to a volunteer opportunity or taking in a homeless animal. You could even travel to another country and dedicate your time to building and improving local buildings or teaching English in small schools.

One of the best things about building a bucket list is that it encourages you to think outside your comfort zone. In performing these tasks, you are well on your way to living a worthy and exciting life.

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