American Football to Get Prime Time Slot and Is Likely To Global

American football, not to be confused with soccer also called as football in the European countries and much of rest of the world, is game where the egg shaped ball is handled by the huge and bulky looking players in their hands as they hope to pass the ball across each other of teammates until they score a point by throwing or tossing it in their opposing teams play area. This possibly is the most simplest and jargon-less description of the game that America loves. National Football League or NFL for short has playoffs that keep American’s entertained all year round with Super Bowl attracted the highest number of viewers on the TV and on the stadium stands. A season where the best advertisements are judged and best players honored, Super Bowl has every American glued to their TV sets if they haven’t gone to the stadium.

The NFL Commissioner has recently announced the shift of games to Thursday nights from the second to the 15th week of the season. This is in addition to the usual Sunday night and Monday night games, which tend to feature teams coming off good seasons. These changes which are expected to be highly welcome by the fans is in essence a result of the restructuring of the strategy of the NFL which is starting to focus of gathering much higher crowds and viewers by sharing a larger share of games on TV than usual. In addition to consciously trying to increase the entertainment quota for fans on TV, the NFL is also prioritizing more on the safety features of the game so that more doctors providing excellent medical attention are present on the sidelines at all times. The NFL Commissioner also outlines the league’s plans to set aside a lot of the money surplus generated from its impending activities for retired players.

The league has expanded and so should it reach. The Commissioner has indicated or rather hinted at his desire to make the game go global through references to games that could be played in Mexico and the example of NFL teams like Rams and Patriots are up for a game in London due to be played n the next season.

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