American Interference in Foreign Waters: Prudence or Paranoia

The history of American intervention in foreign affairs under the pretext of seeking protection of foreign allies and its own national interest has been the backbone of American foreign policy for a long time now. The same policy was instrumental in garnering public opinion to go to war against Saddam Hussein under the pretext of WMD and against the Taliban controlled Afghanistan under the pretext of seeking America’s most wanted criminal for 9/11 attacks. While nothing was gained in Iraq except for army and civilian bloodshed and destruction of the oldest heritage sites of the world, Afghanistan proved more difficult than previously thought. The longest war in the history of mankind couldn’t even come to a conclusion with Osama’s death in a secretive operation in the Pakistani city of Abottabad as the American and foreign presence there continues.

While the end for American intervention in foreign countries was in sight after its economic downfall and the financial crisis that left hundreds of thousands of Americans without jobs, except those who were employed in the defense department, several Middle Eastern countries rose in defiance of their despotic rulers in the Arab Spring. With a changed Middle Eastern map strategically for America and its allies, Iran is being targeting as the next imminent target with Washington synchronizing its saber-rattling speeches with Tehran in the run up to what experts are dubbing as the ‘inevitable’. Iran’s defiantly develops its nuclear prowess much to the American dislike and hence is being rendered with sanctions to curb Iranian economy. The end does not seem near for either of their stances which ironically simultaneously seek peace in Middle East.

While these issues are the current headlines of almost every media outlet all over the world, the activities in the Strait of Hormuz come as a surprise to most out of job American’s who question their country’s defense presence in a far off land when money is short at home. News about some stranded Iranians being saved by Good Samaritan American soldiers at sea will probably be the last of the good deeds that American’s back home hear their soldiers performing because once the war starts; Abu Gharaib fiasco has a high possibility of being repeated.

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