America’s Dire Financial Crisis

It is quite obvious that Mitt Romney is going to win the GOP nomination and battle Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States of America.  Some people say that they are basically the same candidates that are bound by the same bureaucratic dogma, just in different ways of platform, expression and rhetoric.  However, there are striking differences between the two that are worth mentioning.  For instance, Mitt Romney has ample experience in the corporate sector while Obama’s predominant experience is dealing with our ailing economy, which isn’t pretty.  But is it his fault or George W. Bush’s blame that we are in such a dire financial crisis?   In a poll it said that 54 percent of people said that it was Bush’s fault, while 29 percent blamed Obama.  Regardless of who is to blame, something has to be done because hardworking people are close to losing their mortgages and on thin ice.

Let’s step back and take a hard look at the obvious struggle: greed vs. morals.  Politicians are supposed to use tax dollars to help out their people that they are representing.  Do tax-payers ever ask for the returns on their forced donations….no?  All they expect is that their representatives, whether it be the president, senator, whoever, spend the money wisely and always do the right thing.  There is no time in politics for people who look at the economy with the ultimate goal being the ever capitalistic catchphrase “bottom-line.”  This is Mitt Romney’s pitfall in the race against Obama.  Running Bain Capital he was prone to thinning employee levels and answering to investors who he was always aiming to please.  I am not trying to say he would be doing this if he was in the White House…he probably be ecstatic knowing that he has to answer to nobody and could in a ethical fashion, provide the know-how to spark our economy and truly provide job creation; something Obama is struggling to do but is succeeding on a small scale.  Should be an interesting election!!!

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