America’s First Lady Facing Side-Effects of Being Famous, Says She Is No Angry Black Woman

Being famous is a universal and probably the most common aspiration we as humans have. It is something that every extrovert wishes out loud and every introvert secretly hopes for. While being famous is an aspiration, its realization to someone is not without side-effects as Mrs. Obama would be the perfect one to exemplify the disadvantages of being the First Lady of America. In a recent interview by CBS, Mrs. Obama was reported as saying that her feelings cannot be judged by speculations other make and anything anyone says about her is simply based on conjecture and not the whole truth as no one can tell besides herself what she feels. Her emotional reaction was in response of a book written by New York Times reported Jody Kantor whose account is based on interviews of White House staff, both current and foreign.

Mrs. Obama’s portrayal in the book has been met with remarks about her position in the decisions that come out of the White House and to the extent to which her opinions shape the countries policies. While the First Lady did not deny that her husband considers her as a confidante and does often discuss work with her, she has made it clear that her position is limited to having discussions and conversations. She considers herself as Obama’s biggest ally and hence has his and the country’s best interests at heart. Her portrayal as someone who is highly opinionated and dominating wife hasn’t been well received by her or the White House.

The book by Jody Kantor also includes specific references to the tensions between Rahm Emaneul, the ex-chief of staff and now the Mayor of Chicago. The First Lady has been quoted as saying that speculating tensions beterrn her and Mr. Emaneul was simply not true as their relationship is congenial and Mr. Emaneul is still and will be a dear friend. What concerns amid their character related conjectures about her in America is the future of her two daughters. Her concerns about the children were rife since Obama’s decision to stand for president but her confidence in her husband and familial relationships has always remained her source of strength.

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