An Elegant Easy Holiday Brunch!

An elegant holiday brunch is the perfect way to start a relaxed day spent with close friends and family. The holidays are a special time of warmth with close friends and family gathering to spend time together. I have hosted a holiday brunch for a large group of our family and friends for the past few years, and have tried to balance an elegant spread that is eye catching and has something for every age group, with the need for a short preparation time that allows the chef (me) time with this gathering of all my loved ones.

Our family is spread over many generations from my Grandparents to my little niece and my best friends’ 5 year old son. It is a challenge catering to everybody’s differing tastes and I find that my best friends in this endeavor are the two ‘P’s’ – Planning and Preparation. For my holiday brunch I always plan a menu around one special hot dish like a breakfast frittata, the extras include an assortment of sweet breads, fresh sides, a platter of meats and sandwiches and beverages.

I find that planning ahead and spreading all the work over a few weeks is the best way to ensure that my Holiday Brunch is enjoyable and stress free. I take the time a few weeks before the big event to visit my favorite bakery and get some ideas for the breads that I would like to serve. I try to mix a few store bought foods with things like cinnamon buns, which I can prepare a few days in advance, freeze, and just heat and serve at the brunch. This ensures that on the big day I have to actually cook only one or two dishes, and all the rest just require presentation and assembly. Even with my main hot dish like the frittata, I ensure that most of the preparation like chopping the veggies and ham is done the day before.

I really enjoy dressing up my home and table with the colors of the festive season, by using candles, special napkins, napkin holders, and flower arrangements to get everyone in the festive spirit. As the twinkling lights that decorate my yard are not visible during the day, I make sure to hang a large and welcoming festive wreath on the front door.

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