An open debate on organic food

Organic food that includes farm produce, milk and meat are becoming popular among the consumers every year. The sale of organic food now accounts for almost $26 billion per year which is up from $1 billion some few decades back. The reasons for the popularity of organic food include potential health benefits and environmental impact. Despite the popularity of organic food among the masses there is a debate going on whether organic food is better for our health and is worth to its higher price in the United States. The studies carried on the aspect of health benefits of organic food is quiet unclear.

The controversy once again raised its head when The American Academy of Pediatrics, this week highlighted some aspects related with the supposed benefits of eating organic food but said that it is not clear whether parents are actually getting the healthier food by spending extra amount on these foods.

As per their study, the organic foods contained much more Vitamin-C and Phosphorus than the conventional foods but the report states that there is little evidence about any meaningful benefits. The study further opines that “In the long term there is no direct evidence that consuming an organic diet will result in improved health and lower risk of disease.”  Researchers say that it is more important that children eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy products irrespective of organic or inorganic ones.

A Stanford University study published carried on last month observed after the review of about 200 studies on organic foods suggested that organic produce, milk, and meat are not necessarily healthier. However, these foods have fewer traces of pesticides. There are some studies that show that organic fruits and vegetables contain higher levels of vitamins and antioxidants even though the finding is still inconsistent. Organically produced milk and meat may have higher levels of omega -3 fats that are associated with the health of the heart. However, these differences may not be completely ascribed to organic farming techniques. The final conclusion that can be drawn from these inferences is that organic foods are at least as healthy as conventional foods.

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